Find a Mentor who has a Track Record of Doing Not Thinking

One of the main challenges for young professionals is to find a mentor who can guide them in their career. It’s a critical issue; the right choice can accelerate their success and the wrong choice can hold them back.   What’s the best way forward?   It’s not straightforward as the “mentor environment ” is … Continue reading “Find a Mentor who has a Track Record of Doing Not Thinking”

High Performing Professionals are Focused

High performing people have one thing in common: they are extremely focussed in what they do and how they do it. One of the biggest issues that prevents effective performance is busyness, flitting here and there trying to achieve too many things and accomplishing little. Many believe that by firing enough bullets toward the target, … Continue reading “High Performing Professionals are Focused”

Forget About Your Career – Get a Job

Young professionals leave school with the intent of launching their career based on their study specialty. This may seem like a reasonable approach, but the reality is that when you start out you never really know where you will end up. A career is an unclear destination with an unpredictable journey and a healthy dose … Continue reading “Forget About Your Career – Get a Job”

️Standout Leaders “Eat Their Own Dog Food”

How often have you heard a leader preach a set of values but not demonstrate them? For these folks, it is easier to give other people advice than to heed their own words and live by them unconditionally. They talk about creating a risk-taking culture but punish those who make mistakes. They strive for perfection … Continue reading “️Standout Leaders “Eat Their Own Dog Food””

5 Proven Ways to Kill Employee Initiative

These five trusted leadership acts will suck the will for any employee to have an innovative thought. 1. Crush Innovation Utter “That’s not the way we do things around here” whenever someone brings a new idea to you. This is an effective way of preventing people from even thinking about new ways of doing things. … Continue reading “5 Proven Ways to Kill Employee Initiative”

10 Ways to Create an Unique Personal Brand

People always ask me how they can stand out from the crowd. Here are the ten critical steps you need to take: 1. How can I do this differently? Ask yourself the question “How can I do this differently?” Just having the subject top of mind will lead you in the right direction. Ask yourself … Continue reading “10 Ways to Create an Unique Personal Brand”

How A Leader Achieves Breakthrough Performance

How do stand-out leaders create not just a successful future for their organization but a breakthrough amazing one? They don’t participate in the bottoms-up Leadership world. The bottoms-up world places the emphasis on management developing proposals and gaining approval from the leader to proceed. The proposition put to the leader typically involves a brief assessment … Continue reading “How A Leader Achieves Breakthrough Performance”

8 Tips for Young Professionals to Succeed

Success doesn’t come easy to a young professional these days. Fewer opportunities. More intense competition. These actions will increase your chances of winning. 1. Put Your Academic Pedigree Aside Your credentials won’t help because most people vying for new roles also have a healthy education portfolio. You need a strong educational background to play the … Continue reading “8 Tips for Young Professionals to Succeed”

4 Steps to Building a Killer Résumé

I have reviewed a ton of résumés over my 33+ year career as an executive leader; most of them are not very well done; they all look the same. Most people research the templates that are out there and select the boiler plate they think is the best. This normally means the one that is … Continue reading “4 Steps to Building a Killer Résumé”

Don’t bring me the problem, bring me the solution

My best boss and mentor declared this whenever someone tried to pass a problem to him; he would have nothing of it. He was different from many of his peers who felt obligated to be the problem solver and therefore “force” his direct reports to depend on him. As a direct report, I wanted to … Continue reading “Don’t bring me the problem, bring me the solution”