The #1 Reason to Network When You Need It The Least

When it comes to networking or deliberately expanding the number of people you have relationships with, most people are seriously lazy. It’s so easy to go home after a long day at work and forget such things. We often rationalize that we don’t need to network during those stretches of time when the job is … Continue reading “The #1 Reason to Network When You Need It The Least”

Episode 014 – Expert Series : Shinjini Das – How to Become a Millennial Networking Superstar


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 38:09 — 23.9MB)Subscribe to The CareerMetis Podcast iTunes | Android | Email | Google Play | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSSFor This Episode of The Expert Series – we will be hearing from Shinjini Das. The Topic of today’s discussion is How to become a Millennial Networking … Continue reading “Episode 014 – Expert Series : Shinjini Das – How to Become a Millennial Networking Superstar”

A Guide to Business Dinner Etiquette Around the World

Being invited to a business dinner is enough to fill even the most experienced business people with dread; trying to impress potential business partners in an unfamiliar, busy environment can be quite the challenge. But being invited to a business dinner in another country is not only a challenge, but worst case scenario is an … Continue reading “A Guide to Business Dinner Etiquette Around the World”

Weird And Wacky Ways To Network

Anyone that is trying to make it happen in this world (improve their career or their venture) will try to leverage the power of networking. As the saying goes, it is not what you know, but who you know.Although it is sad to admit, the saying is true. However, the art form of networking isn’t … Continue reading “Weird And Wacky Ways To Network”

Want to Network Better? Stop Networking

I honestly believe relationships and the whole idea of “networking” is basically everything; I’ve written about it before as a result, here and here. Here’s why it’s become everything, IMHO: the job market is supposedly “back,” but it’s not really — 23 percent of people (1 in 4!) look for a new job every single … Continue reading “Want to Network Better? Stop Networking”

The Hidden Job Market: Get More Job Interviews, With Less Effort

How is it that some people seem to waltz into new, exciting jobs, with seemingly no effort, while you slog away, sending your resume to one opening after another, only never to hear back? What are those lucky jobseekers doing differently? Let me fill you in on a secret. Sending your resume to publicly-posted job … Continue reading “The Hidden Job Market: Get More Job Interviews, With Less Effort”

How to master the art of Networking?

Networking is an important skill (personal & professional) to learn and master. You might be a new graduate looking for a job, a freelancer looking for your next gig, or a small business owner looking for your next customer – Networking is the most effective tool to help you connect with people. Ivan Misner, the … Continue reading “How to master the art of Networking?”

How to Stand-out during Networking Events? Thanks to Kara Ronin and for the original article on how to stand out during Networking events and get better results. If you are reading this, then you probably know the importance of Networking to help you find a job. KEY POINTS ARRIVE EARLY – It always pays to be punctual in all … Continue reading “How to Stand-out during Networking Events?”

Conversation Starters for NETWORKING EVENTS Thanks Ariella Coombs and for the original article. I don’t need to convince you of the value of the networking events. They are quick and effective ways to uncover opportunities and build relationships even in this digital age. However, for most people (including myself) it can be nerve-wracking. The author of the article … Continue reading “Conversation Starters for NETWORKING EVENTS”