How to Handle and Negotiate A Counter-offer

  A very important part of salary negotiation is the counter-offer, a tool which can be leveraged by both the employer and the candidate to come to an acceptable amount of compensation which is neither greater than the industry standards nor lower what the candidate actually deserves. While quitting a job is not always the … Continue reading “How to Handle and Negotiate A Counter-offer”

Feeling Undercompensated? Negotiating for a Raise in the Medical Field

Working in the healthcare industry can be lucrative, but there will come a time when you feel as if they’re no longer getting what they deserve. In fact, a survey by Medscape shows that more than half of physicians and primary care providers think they’re not properly compensated, which often results in low morale and … Continue reading “Feeling Undercompensated? Negotiating for a Raise in the Medical Field”

6 Simple Ways to Negotiate Salary Effectively

Negotiating your salary is an important part of starting with an organization. Failing to do might result in us being paid less than we’re worth. Just by negotiating your salary, you can gain at least $5,000 in a year. For most people, that won’t sound like much, but it actually makes a huge difference during … Continue reading “6 Simple Ways to Negotiate Salary Effectively”

4 Things You Need to Know About Unlimited Vacation Policy

An increasing number of North American companies have started to offer their employees Unlimited Vacation Policy to boost morale, and also as a recruiting tool to draw more candidates. There are different variations to the policy & and it is referred to by multiple names – “Take What You Need Policy” or “Discretionary Time off … Continue reading “4 Things You Need to Know About Unlimited Vacation Policy”

5.5 Negotiation Concepts Worth Knowing

Recently I attended a company training event. One of the sessions was about Effective Negotiating; we were introduced to some new ideas on Negotiation and also some effective techniques. We were each given a copy of the book Negotiation Genius. It was one of the best books on Negotiation and Communication, I have ever read. … Continue reading “5.5 Negotiation Concepts Worth Knowing”

How to get a Raise?

Is it possible to get a raise if you are already working in a company for few months/years? Yes, it is!! Conventional wisdom or career-advice states that the best time to ask for/ get a raise is when you are negotiating the job offer. This is true- you have more negotiating power then (if you … Continue reading “How to get a Raise?”

Why you will never get a raise? Thanks Catherine Conlan and on the original article, on some of the reasons why someone does not get a #salary increase. KEY POINTS NOT KNOWING THE GOING RATE – Let’s face it, your employer loves you for your skill-sets and what you do for them – but that does not mean they are … Continue reading “Why you will never get a raise?”

Get a RAISE – and here’s how Thanks to Sara Sutton Fell and for this original article. Don’t we all love to make more money, in this article – the author shares some tips , some ideas on how you can go about getting that extra raise you always wanted. Before we given, don’t buy into the notion that raises … Continue reading “Get a RAISE – and here’s how”

Interview Question – “WHAT WAS YOUR LAST SALARY?” Great Article – very unique!! I strongly recommend this website They have got some unique tips and ideas. This particular article talks about that one topic we all hate/are uncomfortable answering. “How much did you make in your last job?” KEY POINTS The wages or income have not necessarily risen over the last … Continue reading “Interview Question – “WHAT WAS YOUR LAST SALARY?””