How to Say ‘NO’ When Your Boss Asks Too Much

Ever feel overworked? Business today is incredibly competitive, and many of us feel that turning down tasks and projects is tantamount to self-sabotage. But in fact, turning down a job or two from time to time can help you to assert yourself in the workplace, and to ensure that you complete your existing workload to … Continue reading “How to Say ‘NO’ When Your Boss Asks Too Much”

CV Writing Tips for a Project Manager Position

Writing your CV as a Project Manager can be almost as complex as the projects you manage. With a role that involves the coordination of many people and activities, it can be tricky to squeeze of all your knowledge and experience into 2 pages. Although every project managers’ CV will be unique to them, there … Continue reading “CV Writing Tips for a Project Manager Position”

9 Ideas to Improve Employee Engagement

Every business looks for better growth opportunity. Startups need much of the efforts, and engaged employees at workplace play a crucial role in the overall growth of any business. When your employees are happy at work there is a boost in their productivity at work. It is of utmost importance to keep your employees joyful … Continue reading “9 Ideas to Improve Employee Engagement”

What You Should Do When Meetings Don’t Meet Expectations

What’s the worst part of attending a business meeting? Is it when it goes long, or when someone comes that doesn’t need to be there? Is it that a meeting puts a stop to what would otherwise be a productive day? If you’ve been in any meeting that you haven’t liked, then you’d probably answer … Continue reading “What You Should Do When Meetings Don’t Meet Expectations”

Cracking the Office Dress Code

Your appearance says volumes about who you are. Research has shown how crucial the first 10 seconds to a minute of your initial introduction are in a social setting. 90% of people form their opinion about you within this brief time. Passing the initial test with a positive appearance and attractive nonverbal cues are likable … Continue reading “Cracking the Office Dress Code”

15 Jobs with High Pay and Low Stress

What if we told you that you could have a job that not only involved minimum stress but also paid well? We won’t blame you if you don’t believe us. We didn’t believe it either – until we saw this cool, new infographic from Quantum Binders that listed 15 jobs that pay up to $196,270 … Continue reading “15 Jobs with High Pay and Low Stress”

10 Essential CV Writing Verbs

When it comes to the wording you use within your CV/resume, nothing is more important than the verbs you include. Verbs are commonly known as “doing words” and describe the actions you take to complete a task. Therefore it’s understandable that employers rely heavily on verbs to comprehend your input into your previous employers’ success. … Continue reading “10 Essential CV Writing Verbs”

How to Capitalize on the Rise in Demand for Digital Marketing Specialists

Maybe you have heard about all the wonderful numbers floating around: a projected 150,000 digital jobs by the year 2020, a worldwide digital economy that is ranging in the billions of dollars and the fact that just one out of the many social media platforms has well over 1.6 billion users. Yes, the digital era … Continue reading “How to Capitalize on the Rise in Demand for Digital Marketing Specialists”

Could A Higher Degree Improve Your Nursing Career?

Have you been thinking about seeking a higher education degree? There are plenty of advantages to this possibility especially in a Nursing Career. It’s possible that once you have obtained your new degree or additional accreditation, you find yourself a lot happier in your career. Let’s look at some of the other benefits of taking … Continue reading “Could A Higher Degree Improve Your Nursing Career?”

5 Essential CV Writing Rules

When you’re on the hunt for a new job opportunity, it pays to understand the rules and guidelines of employer CV expectations. So StandOut CV have provided 5 essential CV writing rules to follow if you want to ensure your CV gets attention for employers. Ensure that your CV is specifically targeted towards one type … Continue reading “5 Essential CV Writing Rules”