Roads towards a Perfect Startup Office

Starting a startup office is an exciting time for you. You have managed to evolve your entrepreneurial idea and you are ready to finally move from your home office. However, finding the right real estate for the office is only a first step towards the perfect startup office. There are plenty of other aspects to … Continue reading “Roads towards a Perfect Startup Office”

The Differences Between A Tight & Loose Company Culture

No matter what you think about it, or how you define it, company culture matters a lot, and makes a huge difference in both companies’ performance and value. According to a Duke’s Fuqua School of Business survey of 1,400 American CEOs, more than 90% of them agree that company culture is important to their firms … Continue reading “The Differences Between A Tight & Loose Company Culture”

Developing Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

As the growing number of people are making a committed effort to find their place in the online community, the rules are changing and the environment is becoming more competitive. In such a context, platforms like LinkedIn are starting to play an even bigger role on the global labor market. In a nutshell, LinkedIn is … Continue reading “Developing Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn”

In Between Jobs? Here’s How to Survive the Transition

The current economy is everything but forgiving. In fact, losing a job in this climate pretty much equals social and economic death. However, if you are persistent enough, focused and dedicated, you’ll survive and thrive. Whether you’ve been laid off from your job or you’ve decided to quit to pursue a dream or a career … Continue reading “In Between Jobs? Here’s How to Survive the Transition”

How to Start Your Career as a Digital Nomad

Leading the lifestyle of a digital nomad is becoming increasingly popular. It is the type of living many young people embrace in order to travel the world without borrowing money from their parents or taking expensive loans. Advanced technologies allow digital nomads to earn money online. Since Western countries are generally more expensive, sums they … Continue reading “How to Start Your Career as a Digital Nomad”

Developing a Personal Brand for More Successful Job Hunting

Today’s economy is everything but light; with a high demand of working force, enviable levels of performance history required and utmost professionalism understood, finding a job is, for lack of a better word, stressful. Regardless of the position, you are applying for or the company you are hoping to become a part of unless you … Continue reading “Developing a Personal Brand for More Successful Job Hunting”

The Ultimate Guide: 8 Steps to Ensure Optimum Productivity

The relationship between an Employer and his Employees is a two-way street, where effective cooperation determines the success of the whole company. This means that achieving the best performance from your employees requires you to be actively involved in their day-to-day tasks. The good news is that there are several practices that you implement for … Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide: 8 Steps to Ensure Optimum Productivity”

5 Prospective Careers You Can Start to Work From Home

To be able to work from home is a dream for most people. However, many think that enjoying this type of a profession is difficult to achieve and maintain. Even though not every line of work can be performed from where you live, we’ve come up with this article to introduce 5 lucrative options you … Continue reading “5 Prospective Careers You Can Start to Work From Home”