Growth in the Healthcare Industry Providing Nurses More Options

The new year has dawned and you are looking ahead to the future. What does your career in healthcare hold? What room is there for advancement or change? Let’s take a look at nursing and career options. As early as 2012, a nurse shortage was predicted. About 1 million new nurse positions will be open … Continue reading “Growth in the Healthcare Industry Providing Nurses More Options”

What Does An Engineering Manager Do

More likely than not, you got into engineering for the opportunity to build things – Computer software, bridges, spaceships, medical equipment . Engineers get the rare professional opportunity to see their creations come to life before their eyes. Unlike other careers, engineering applies math and logic to produce something the world desperately needs. Why would … Continue reading “What Does An Engineering Manager Do”

Fastest Growing Jobs: UK vs. USA

The job market around the world is growing and specialization in certain fields has become increasingly evident. Developed countries may, at first, seem to be specializing in many of the same fields. Upon closer inspection, these countries actually have many differences to be proud of. Here, we will be exploring just a few of the … Continue reading “Fastest Growing Jobs: UK vs. USA”

Are You Ready for a Career On The Road?

For many people, the ability to work while out of the office is a privilege and something of a dream. But for truck drivers, it’s a reality. You get to spend your time on the open road, exploring the countryside and traveling far and wide. As a trucker, you’ll drive to new places. And often … Continue reading “Are You Ready for a Career On The Road?”

Things You Didn’t Know About Becoming an Aircraft Mechanic

The aviation industry is now vast. Each year, millions of people travel by aircraft. And as a result, huge pressure is put on the vehicles themselves. That means that there are now more opportunities than ever before for people wanting to work on them. With that said, the field is a complicated area. In other … Continue reading “Things You Didn’t Know About Becoming an Aircraft Mechanic”

Top Careers that allow you to Work from Home

The benefits of working from home have been borne out by countless studies. Whether running a business, freelancing or telecommuting for a full-time employer, workers who are free of the commute and the distractions of the office are reported to be happier, healthier and more productive. Finding a work-from-position can be difficult, however. Where do … Continue reading “Top Careers that allow you to Work from Home”