How to Build Your Personal Brand With Outreach

Your personal brand tells the world who you are. Many people may choose to create and maintain a personal brand to help them advance their career, get new jobs or build a business of their own. However, a personal brand doesn’t come by simply creating an idea of how you would like to be perceived. … Continue reading “How to Build Your Personal Brand With Outreach”

3 Reasons to Build a Diverse Workforce

Building a great workforce takes no small amount of skill on the part of the recruiter. You are looking for that perfect combination of preparedness and excitement for the position. And, of course, you are working to select that one person that amplifies the great qualities your team already has, while still contributing a new … Continue reading “3 Reasons to Build a Diverse Workforce”

How Can Freelance Writers Build a Strong Reputation

Your reputation is the most valuable thing in your freelance career. It gives you an enhanced platform to run your freelance business, take more challenging tasks, and get better-paying orders. For a brand new freelancer, building a reputation is the first and the most important task to accomplish. It is not enough to complete a … Continue reading “How Can Freelance Writers Build a Strong Reputation”

Developing Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

As the growing number of people are making a committed effort to find their place in the online community, the rules are changing and the environment is becoming more competitive. In such a context, platforms like LinkedIn are starting to play an even bigger role on the global labor market. In a nutshell, LinkedIn is … Continue reading “Developing Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn”

How to Avoid Losing Your Temper at Work

There is nothing new in losing your temper, disappointing your boss, and embarrassing yourself at your workplace. It happens. No one is perfect. But when a person is able to keep his cool and endure stressful situations, you know for sure that he has the important characteristics that a good leader should have. Good leaders … Continue reading “How to Avoid Losing Your Temper at Work”

Skills You Should Include On Your Resume When Changing Career

In light of recent technology development and cultural changes, more and more people decide to give up what they’re doing, professionally, and make a U-turn in their career path. However, it is much easier said than done, with competition as high as ever. Many get stuck at the very beginning – when working on a … Continue reading “Skills You Should Include On Your Resume When Changing Career”

How to Increase Your Writing Efficiency

You think you’re too slow, don’t you? Well, to write faster, you need practice and the favorable environment without distractions. Why do you often switch to something else once start writing? Why is this happening and how to reduce the time spent at a writing desk? I am Lucy Adams, a blogger from a website … Continue reading “How to Increase Your Writing Efficiency”

Self-Employed : How to Make A Successful Transition

If you’re thinking about quitting your current job and becoming self-employed, there are things you need to know. Before you do anything you’re going to regret, it’s important you think your decision through. Although the idea of working for yourself might seem like a lot of fun, in reality it’s a lot more difficult. You … Continue reading “Self-Employed : How to Make A Successful Transition”

Summer 2016 Roundup | Personal Branding

The Monthly Roundup series was not published for the past few months, as I was busy getting the Podcast up and running. So I decided to do a Summer Roundup instead (for the months of June, July, August). Summer is a busy time for most people. Everyone is usually away travelling or involved in some … Continue reading “Summer 2016 Roundup | Personal Branding”

A Comprehensive Guide to Staying Productive and Happy At Work

Staying Productive and Happy in your job is key to feeling an immense sense of job satisfaction. We spend a whole lot of time at the places we work, which means we must be happy there to have an overall happy and healthy life. This comprehensive guide will give you some awesome advice on how … Continue reading “A Comprehensive Guide to Staying Productive and Happy At Work”