Winning Tactics for Freelancing

Freelancer is a term particularly used for those people who are self employed and not committed to a specific company. These are the strategies that work to attain the title of a successful freelancer: 1. Investing the time effectively A routine makes a person more efficient. The realistic timelines must be scheduled in order to … Continue reading “Winning Tactics for Freelancing”

What You Need to Know About Freelancing

Freelancing sounds like a glamorous job, right? However, not many people take the plunge and quit their day job to become a freelancer, mostly because – although the job title is very much sought-after because you work for yourself and that alone comes with many perks – there are still uncertainties, such as job security … Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Freelancing”

Freelancing Insights for the New Workforce

The freelancing profession has grown exponentially over the past few years; according to Freelancers Union nearly 53 million Americans are doing freelance work—that’s more than one-third of American workers. With demand for freelance work increasing, it’s estimated that a full 40% of the U.S. workforce will be joining this disruptive community by 2020, and it’s … Continue reading “Freelancing Insights for the New Workforce”

5 Common Mistakes In Freelancing

Freelancing has always been attached to a carefree lifestyle where an individual is able to work at his/her own pace while relaxing at the poolside with a laptop typing away. However, if you can ask professional freelancer about a day in their life, most likely you will be met with comments like “It is tough” … Continue reading “5 Common Mistakes In Freelancing”

11 Cases When Freelancers Must Say Goodbye to a Client

Freelancing can be so amazing in several aspects, but it’s not all rainbows and lollipops. Freelancers are in a special way their ’own boss’, but they are constantly faced with different clients and projects, and not all of these experiences are pleasant. If you’re a freelancer trying to avoid this unpleasant situation, pay attention to … Continue reading “11 Cases When Freelancers Must Say Goodbye to a Client”

Weekly Roundup | Jan 11 to Jan 15 2016 | Freelancing

Here are the Top 3 of the Most liked, shared and commented posts on the topic of Freelancing, for the week of January 11th to January 15th,2016. i) 10 More Mistakes That (Might) Ruin Your Freelancing Career Nicole Dieker shares her insights (based on her own personal experience) about the areas that Freelancers don’t pay … Continue reading “Weekly Roundup | Jan 11 to Jan 15 2016 | Freelancing”

Monthly Roundup | December 2015 | Freelancing

Hello and welcome to the December 2015 Edition of Monthly Roundup on the topic of Freelancing. The articles in this roundup post have been selected based on the views & social shares that have been generated on the topic of Freelancing. The Freelancer Generation: Why Startups and Enterprises Need to Pay Attention This post talks … Continue reading “Monthly Roundup | December 2015 | Freelancing”