Workers’ Compensation: Does Your Company Have Your Back?

Does your job have your best interests at heart, or does your employer care more about earning money from your labor than about your safety? It’s sadly common for companies to treat their workers like replaceable parts, valuable only for their productivity at the end of the day.  One way you tell whether your company … Continue reading “Workers’ Compensation: Does Your Company Have Your Back?”

Understanding Biculturalism in a Professional Context

It may come as a surprise, but most Americans are bicultural (at minimum), according to the Interethnic Proximity Indexsm. If you are bicultural, you identify with two predominant cultures (if you identify with more than two you are multicultural). You may have been raised in a household with Latino parents, for example, within a “traditional” … Continue reading “Understanding Biculturalism in a Professional Context”

Simple Office Upgrades for Enhanced Work Performance

It’s hard to determine what makes a business productive. It’s a mix of motivation provided by the management team and the environment in which the work is done. This means both the gadgets and utilities a company possess and interaction between coworkers. The former part of this equation often gets overlooked, because it seems like … Continue reading “Simple Office Upgrades for Enhanced Work Performance”

The Differences Between A Tight & Loose Company Culture

No matter what you think about it, or how you define it, company culture matters a lot, and makes a huge difference in both companies’ performance and value. According to a Duke’s Fuqua School of Business survey of 1,400 American CEOs, more than 90% of them agree that company culture is important to their firms … Continue reading “The Differences Between A Tight & Loose Company Culture”

9 Ideas to Improve Employee Engagement

Every business looks for better growth opportunity. Startups need much of the efforts, and engaged employees at workplace play a crucial role in the overall growth of any business. When your employees are happy at work there is a boost in their productivity at work. It is of utmost importance to keep your employees joyful … Continue reading “9 Ideas to Improve Employee Engagement”

3 Reasons to Build a Diverse Workforce

Building a great workforce takes no small amount of skill on the part of the recruiter. You are looking for that perfect combination of preparedness and excitement for the position. And, of course, you are working to select that one person that amplifies the great qualities your team already has, while still contributing a new … Continue reading “3 Reasons to Build a Diverse Workforce”

Tips to Make Employee Scheduling Easier

Many businesses rely on a mixture of full and part-time staff working varying shift patterns. Scheduling around your employees’ personal commitments, managing ad-hoc changes and requests, as well as the general day-to-day running of a company can be difficult no matter the size of your business and can quickly consume much of your time. Most … Continue reading “Tips to Make Employee Scheduling Easier”

Micromanagement Magic : How to Build a Happy Workforce for Your Business

We’ve all worked for someone at some point in our lives, and we all know what it’s like to have a boss who’s uncooperative and doesn’t listen to our suggestions. Managing your business is no different, and you shouldn’t become that boss who refuses to take suggestions from his employees. Loyalty is a big factor … Continue reading “Micromanagement Magic : How to Build a Happy Workforce for Your Business”

What Happens When You Outgrow The Coworking Space

You outgrew your spare room. Then you outgrew the garage. Now you’re ready to shed your coworking skin and branch out completely on your own. This is an exciting and, frankly, overwhelming time for you and for your company. There are a lot of details to manage and if you don’t manage them well, you … Continue reading “What Happens When You Outgrow The Coworking Space”

How Personal Mobile Devices Are Transforming HR

Of course HR wants to be more involved in the decision making processes of the company. They’ve got a lot to say. After all, many of them have degrees in people management and people systems. The thing is, they often don’t get to have much input. And this isn’t because nobody respects their decisions. It’s … Continue reading “How Personal Mobile Devices Are Transforming HR”