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Unlike hard skills (technical skills), soft skills are hard to quantify.

And, besides, hard skills can be easily taught or developed on the job, but soft skills are those set of skills that employees must already possess prior to joining an organization.

Gone are the times when organizations ignored the importance of hiring employees with stupendous soft skills. In the current times, employees with desirable soft skills such as positive attitude and communication skills are favored highly as compared to their counterparts.

Soft skills are those set of specific personality traits that makes an employee compatible to work with. Empirical studies indicate that soft skills are an effective indicator of someone’s job performance just like the hard skills.

Hence, organizations leave no stone unturned in ensuring that they hire an employee possessing the most attractive set of soft skills.

Below mentioned are 10 of the most common online soft skill courses available for job readiness. Read further to know more.

1) Good Communication Skills

There are plenty of job readiness training programs available online wherein they prepare participants to develop good communication skills. Unarguably, getting a job requires one to be good in communication skills.

Keeping in mind the pertinence of effective communication skills, organizations hire only those candidates who can effectively present their suggestions and ideas with clarity and focus. Therefore, look for programs that include communication skills in their soft skills training module.

2) Time Management

Candidly speaking, it is better to compromise on all other facets of the potential employee but not on his or her ability to prioritize tasks and work. In other words, a candidate should be able to use his time on the job wisely.

Managing time is an exceptionally vital soft skill that candidates need to invariably possess for any job they wish to be hired for. The point is, getting the right things done in time is of absolute importance, and thankfully, time management skills can be learned.

3) Problem-Solving Attitude

Companies are more concerned with an individual’s abilities to handle problems. They are more interested in knowing how a candidate will behave when faced with a problem. This is where a course in problem-solving will help.

In both classroom and online soft skills training courses, steps pertaining to problem-solving are imparted. Identifying the problem, listing potential solutions, evaluating the solutions, and so forth should be taught.

4) Assisting Fellow Workmates

A lot of surveys suggest that employers encourage a work culture where teamwork is valued. Every time when a new employee is hired, the existing employees should take the initiative in coaching the new member along the way. All the members of a particular project should be seen as one team representing one company.

5) Ability To Do Presentations

This particular soft skill can be quite overwhelming to a few especially if they lack confidence in their communication skills; however, the good news is, there are some really good online courses available to nurture an individual’s presentation skills.

All organizations demand a candidate to be able to present management, regardless of his or her position in the company. You don’t have to be a communication specialist to know presentations, and it is a soft skill that is expected by all employers.10 Soft Skills For Job Readiness | CareerMetis.com

6) Confidence

Remember confidence is a choice and it may not be entirely based on truth. It is undeniably a trait that can be learned through practice and self-awareness.

Online courses with the right coaching will be able to help you develop confidence in your skills and in your talent. At this point, you need to start having positive self-talk and start managing what is going inside your brain.

7) Having A Strong Work Ethic

Another pivotal soft skill required in employees is about having a strong work ethic while getting the job done. Developing a good work ethic begins at the educational level, and what better way than to enroll in an online soft skills program that teaches you the principles of work ethic from scratch. Such amazing learning opportunities will give you the platform to develop and cultivate your own work ethics.

Employers will appreciate those workers who exhibit a sense of strong work ethic in their daily activities as there is really nothing better than having a dependable employee work for you.

8) Flexibility And Adaptability

They say (and, rightfully so), “change is the only thing constant”. In the corporate world, you never know what to expect as there are so many variables at work on a daily basis. And, therefore, you are expected to remain versatile in your work approach. It is a valuable skill to be able to change as per the circumstances.

The ability to adapt to new and immediate situations is imperative in order to survive in such a fast and competitive environment. The role of an online soft skills course here is, help individuals embrace the change instead of being fearful of it.

9) Learning To Take Initiatives

Employers love working candidates who show exuberance and passion for ideas and innovation. It is a good idea to learn to develop an idea that benefits the company in building awareness or increasing sales. You need to be confident about the idea and show optimism in implementing the idea.

Nobody likes to hire a fly on the wall who merely follows the commands of the management. Organizations favor those candidates who know how to take initiatives at the right time.

10) Ability To Handle Stress

Lastly, and most importantly, your ability to handle stress will ultimately define you as a likable candidate in an organization.

Do you know that violence in companies is increasing as employees are unable to handle stress and unneeded pressure that comes along?

It is better to equip yourself with hacks that help you remain calm even under enormous pressure. An online soft skills training program shall do a good job of teaching you the basics of handling work-related stress.

10 Soft Skills For Job Readiness | CareerMetis.com

The above mentioned are 10 of the most common soft skills aspired by employers worldwide.

Thankfully, we have some amazing soft skills instructors online who offer valuable lessons on soft skills training. These online courses play a pivotal role in helping candidates succeed in the corporate world.

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