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1. Feelings of Insecurity

Many people give up their dreams because they think they are not good enough. It is not just feeling one has not enough skills for something, which is understandable and fixable by learning and practice.

There are those personal insecurities that accompany us throughout our lives. Do you think you deserve doing or having something that makes you happy? Dare and say yes.

If you feel you are not doing enough to reach your goals, make a planning diary – write down what you want to do and what result it brings you. This will help you evaluate whether you really have to put more effort or whether you are just being too self-critical.

2. Prejudice

You secretly dream to be the coolest taxi driver of your city or a Celebrity Hair-dresser? Many such dreams have died because people did not dare to start reaching their goals doing things that are considered not cool enough.

Becoming successful implies a start-up period of a big effort. We often do not dare to imagine what will our friends and family say if instead of following the traditional path we chose a different one.

3. Confusion

Are you really sure you want to be a Big Boss in an international company, sitting in your office in a skyscraper and counting your millions? This is an image of success promoted by movies and the media, but be careful not to confuse constructed images for your own dreams.

Look deep into yourself and find what you like and what you really want to do.

Do you have hobbies? Do you daydream? Write your real short-term and long-term goals in a notepad, make plans.

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4. Fear of Failure

“If I fail, I will feel like a loser” – that is what many people think. Fear is a normal self-defense reaction, but it often becomes destructive. You cannot eradicate fear in itself, but you can transform it into rational thinking. If you fail, you will analyze the circumstances, your mistakes and you can plan better what you have to do and not fail the next time or at least to do it better.

5. Guilty Conscience

Feeling guilty about having a normal dream or an attainable goal? That sounds strange, doesn´t it? Sometimes people who support us in every project, who love us and care about us, unintentionally make us feel guilty.

For example, you want to go to live and work in another city, but your mom starts telling you how bad it will be for her and for your younger siblings, how much they will miss you.

Or if in the second or third year of your studies you realize you have chosen a wrong major, but you don´t dare to talk about it as you would feel you´re being ungrateful to people who have given you their support. These things are delicate as they often imply facing a conflict between the expectations of others and your goals. You have to be firm with your decisions, but not lose compassion for the feelings of the others. Talk sincerely, with love and respect to those who love you.

6. Life Scenarios Imposed by Others

Every person has their own way. If your friends have discovered what is right for them and give you their advice, do listen, but don´t take everything they say for granted. Your parents and your grandparents have lived a lot and you do learn from them, but even they cannot define what you have to do in your life and how you can reach your goals. Life stories and your friend’s experiences, family members, and successful people are all different.

It is good if you have someone who inspires you with a positive attitude and success, but doesn’t look for role models. Never compare yourself to others. The way to your success and attainment of your goals is only inside of you.

7. Waiting for the Right Time

If you think that it is not the right moment to start making your dreams and plans come true, it is high time you start reaching your goals. There will always be something that hinders you from starting and proceeding.

Ignore it. Make lists, plans, and schedules, follow them, and get every day closer to your aim. If you want to go to the gym or take a photography course, but have too much work – make an experiment of having an intensive week doing everything at once. You will be surprised at your time management skills.

8. Negative Thinking

The most dangerous goal-killer formula of thinking is “It is impossible, because..”. Be rational and try out all the ways to your success. It is normal to evaluate risks, but sometimes our negativity urges us to overestimate or even to invent the risks that do not exist. If you feel you are having bad days, you are irritated and feel the whole world is against you, switch to positive thinking. You can make some written list of “It is possible, because” and “I need it, because” and read them through every time you start losing motivation.

9. Negative People

Negative people are a real disaster for you. If they don´t tell you directly that they think you will fail, they start asking you demoralizing questions and making suggestions “but” and “what if” comments.

This is not always envied or bad intentions. It may be just the way they are used to talking, thinking, and living. If it is difficult for you to ignore such folks without irritations, don´t share your plans with everyone. Do more than you talk.

10. Time-Killers

There is nothing bad about reading your social feeds, nosing around in your contacts’ profiles, or looking for a Pokemon in the park. But if it takes you more time than you initially planned, maybe you should reconsider your time planning.

Time-killers are not only typical the Technology ones, but it could also be multi-tasking or the necessity to do everything perfectly, or being too scrupulous. Observe and define the exact type of habits you need to employ to reach your goals.


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