For Episode 115 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will be hearing from Michelle M. Gomez.

This interview is part of  the “Career Expert Series“.

#115 - Career Expert Series - Michelle M. Gomez |


Michelle M. Gomez is an accomplished business executive and her specialty is being a slayer of imposter syndrome. As well as being a published author, she helps other high achievers find inner peace, overcome their demons, and rid themselves of the debilitating effects of impostor syndrome.


1) As a young Latin woman, Michelle started her career at 19 in the male dominated Logistics and Transportation industry. She fell into it and had a rough time, but with coaching, training and sheer determination, she managed to do more than survive, she’s thrived within the industry and after 2 decades is still active within it!

2) Michelle describes imposter syndrome, and how it showed up in the early stages of her career, regardless of how her peers thought of her. She explains that it’s difficult to help people improve their inner dialogue about themselves, but having been through it, she has an easier time developing more self worth and confidence.

3) Michelle talks about our bodies being able to detect the truth of something, even if we don’t acknowledge it. She describes how impostor syndrome can manifest itself in other ways if you choose to ignore it rather than deal with it.

4) Michelle also talks about leadership, and how it can be impacted both positively and negatively depending on your level of self awareness.

5) Michelle also speaks about work-life balance, and how to master both in a way that allows you to not only love your life and job, but be productive and positive in both places. Being present has a lot to do with it.

6) Michelle also talks about self care and what happened when she neglected her life for her job, and how you can take care of yourself to avoid similar types of setbacks in your own life!


  • “I’m able to reframe my thought patterns around success because I have dealt with the imposter syndrome in my own experience”

  • “I had to be something other than who I was in order to be successful”

  • “Everyone around me seemed to believe I belonged, it was me that struggled with it”

  • “Look at all you’ve accomplished, you should be proud of yourself”

  • “Our bodies are innate truth tellers”

  • “You can’t heal what you can’t speak”

  • “80% of my identity was at work, and 20% was everywhere else”

  • “Sometimes what’s ordinary to you is extraordinary to others”


To learn more about Michelle M. Gomez, visit her website. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

During our interview, Michelle mentioned her new book – Own Your Brilliance: Overcome Impostor Syndrome for Career Success.

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