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4 Proven Ways to get a Job Quick

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We all know that the job market isn’t what it used to be. Jobs have changed, and employers want more from their employees. And it’s that trend that means that a lot of people go for weeks, even months, without finding a job.

But what about those that seem to be able just to bag their dream job with practically no effort.

What are their secrets?

And how can you benefit from them?

1. Read Instructions Carefully

Employers want to know if you’re diligent and able to follow instructions. One great way to prove that you’re not is not to follow instructions given by a future employer.

These instructions can be really simple, like wear a suit and tie to the interview. But they can also be a lot more involved. Some employers go so far as to send out small tasks for applicants to complete. The reason that they do this is to test whether applications are serious about getting a job.

Can they follow instructions? Do they have the necessary critical thinking skills? Could they even complete the task before the day of the interview?

Not following instructions is a surefire way to get kicked out of the applicant pool.

2. Do Your Research On The Company

Employers know that a lot of people make spam applications to their company. They talk the talk; but deep down, they’re not interested in what the company does. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that businesses don’t want this type of person. They want people who are invested in the ideas of the company and actually know something about it.

Showing knowledge of the company you’re applying for also indicates that you’re serious about the job. It shows that you have some skin in the game, so to speak. You’re not just applying for a job for the money. You want to progress the agenda of the company because it’s something you believe in.

3. Go Through An Agency

Many businesses don’t want to go through the hassle of finding a person to fill a position. They’d rather get recruitment agencies to do it instead, especially if the role requires a particular skill. Recruitment agencies are therefore a great boon to people who have skills and are looking for work fast. If you’ve got a specific, marketable skill, you might be able to find work quickly through an agency.

4. Get Somebody Else To Write Your Resume

Generally, people are quite bad at writing their own resumes. Many of us find it hard to be objective about our skills. Some of us undersell ourselves for fear of coming across too strong. Other people oversell themselves, and it all unwinds during the interview.

The trick here is to think about your resume as a marketing tool in itself. And if you know anything about marketing, you’ll know just how important presentation is. Ask friends or a professional to write your resume, based on truthful information about you. And make sure that they include complete references about your background and training.

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