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One of the best ways to retain your existing employees is by organizing employee training programs. A well-organized training program helps the employees enhance their skills and experience with the company. Hence, you need to ensure that you are using the right training software for creating engaging and comprehensive training modules with the sole aim of providing an excellent learning experience to your workforce.

According to a research report by Share Knowledge, choosing a wrong training software wastes your hard-earned money and precious time.

The Key Consequences of Picking an Unworthy LMS Platform

As per an experts’ roundup published on ProProfs, new employees are likely to stay in a company for a longer period, if the company fulfils their training needs. The outcome of choosing an inappropriate training software is nothing less than a nightmare. Let’s have a look at some of its key consequences.

  • You would be spending penny after penny, but your training program won’t work in your favour.
  • You won’t get the opportunity to scale up the training program, as you won’t be offered such flexibilities.
  • You would be facing a lack of the required features and functionalities.
  • Your calls and messages would be left unanswered due to inadequate customer support facility.
  • You won’t get the flexible pricing options as per the usages of the add-ons.   

If you are not sure yet whether you have chosen the right platform or not, then here, we will be discussing the five methods that will help you to pick the ideal LMS platform. So without further ado, let’s get straight to the methods.

Method 1: Assessing the Training Goals

If you are toying with the idea of organizing an online training program for your employees, then the foremost thing you need to do is assessing the training goals.

Without setting proper goals, you can’t plan an effective training program. As per an article published on eLearning Brothers, there are many questions you need to ask yourself before diving into the challenge. Your answers to these questions will eventually assess the training goals and help you incorporate the training program in a better way.

Tip For Betterment:

You can divide the goal assessment process into three steps mentioned below.

  • Understand where your employees belong to before starting the training program, and where you want them to see post completing the training.
  • Determine the key indicators that will help you to measure the goals.
  • Create an effective goal measurement plan following the data you have collected.

Method 2: Measuring the Training Modules

In a training program, the training modules play the most crucial role. We all are familiar with the fact that not one size fits all. If you are proceeding with a particular form of a training module for your employees, then chances are your training program will fail miserably. According to the eLearning Industry, you need to measure the content type before jotting down the training modules.  

Tip For Betterment:

Ask your employees to take a survey regarding the preferred training content types. After getting the survey results in hand, start preparing your training modules in the most preferred content forms. The more interactive the training content, the higher the training engagement rate becomes.

1-on-1 Training-Imposter syndrome - Find Your First Employee - Train New Employees

Method 3: Exploring the Features and Functionalities

An Enterprise LMS comes with diverse features and functionalities. But, you don’t need to implement all of the add-ons to your training module. The more add-ons you apply, the higher the cost becomes.

According to safety, you need to customize the training features according to your budget to prevent it from making a hole into your pocket.  

Tip For Betterment:

See the image below that lists the standard features and functionalities of an LMS.

Know your business needs first and then make a list of the features you want in your training program. Now, shortlist the LMSs that offer all of the required features and functionalities. Once you prepare the list of such LMSs, sort it according to your budget. Filter out the costlier ones and proceed with the one that fits in your pocket. Don’t forget to discuss the scaling-up possibilities with the service provider before taking the final call.

Method 4: Give It a Try Before Buying

Before you pay for any services online, you should check its authenticity by giving it a trial. Paying for using an LMS platform is also not an exception here.

According to Workplace Answers, an LMS platform that offers a free trial option should be your first preference.

Tip For Betterment:

Reliable service providers mostly offer a free trial for a limited time.

Go for a platform that provides you with a free trial. While being in the trial period, you will be using the features in real-time, and that will help you eliminate the redundant ones for your training program.  

Method 5: Checking the Support Facility

Having an LMS software at the place is not enough to make your training program a success. You may need professional help while moving forward with the training program.

If you are not a tech enthusiast or not having any techies in your team, then the technical clashes will destroy your dream in no time. As per an article published on Lambda Solutions, you need to choose a platform that provides seamless support facility as and when required.

Tip For Betterment:

The very first thing you need to find out is the real user reviews regarding the support facility of the particular platform. While going through the user reviews, you can make an idea about how effectively the service providers support their customers.

  • There’s a phone number provided for instant help.
  • There’s a ticket submitting option.
  • A lot of videos and guides are available that educate the user to make the proper use of the platform.
  • A live chat option is integrated.

The more support features you are offered, the better you will do with your training program.

Final Takeaway:

A significant employee training program helps to increase employee productivity. But, a great training module is not enough to make a training program successful. You need to opt for efficient training software that will adequately represent the training module to the employees. And when you choose the right training software for employees to educate your workforce, the training program aptly fulfills the goal.

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