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To be able to work from home is a dream for most people. However, many think that enjoying this type of a profession is difficult to achieve and maintain.

Even though not every line of work can be performed from where you live, we’ve come up with this article to introduce 5 lucrative options you can delve deeper into.

Feel free to try out any one of these suggestions and we’ll let you be the judge.

1. Web Design

If you’re a techie with an eye for detail, you should in no way miss out on giving this opportunity a go. By bringing the two mentioned traits together, web designers get to enjoy working from cozy confines of their own homes, while coming up with ideas and creative designs for their customers’ web pages.

Even if you lack in skills necessary for web design, there is a myriad of useful and cheap courses online to get into.

2. Writing

Whether you’re an aspiring script or article writer, or simply want to earn an extra buck on the side by means of the written word, you’re in luck – writing has never been as easy to get into, as it is nowadays.

Even if being a content writer is not your dream career choice, you can rest assured that this line of work will boost your eloquence, help whisker away the dreaded writer’s block and even do wonders for your attention span and focus – two traits that play a vital part in any type of writer’s career.

Websites like iWriter and Upwork offer a plethora of opportunities for anyone interested in freelance writing.

3. Translator

If you’re good with words and speak at least one extra language, in addition to your native tongue, yet not quite ready for (or not interested in) a career in writing, this is a nice way to get paid by working from your home. Combining eloquence with education and knowledge of grammar- translators incorporate patience, efficiency and dedication to further improve education and knowledge in general for those who do not speak a particular work’s native language.

A career in translation has been around for years now and has always been a noble way to get words across great distances – both proverbially, as well as literally.

4. Become an online broker

Becoming a stockbroker has been a dream for many people throughout the past and the current century. However, becoming an actual broker was so far-fetched up until recently, that only a few merely dared to try this line of work, let alone got a chance to achieve any form of success. Luckily, with a significant amount of help from the Internet, it is much easier to delve into this profession nowadays.

What online stocks excel at is the fact that the initial stakes do not have to be extremely high, do-or-die-type investments. Instead, as a rookie broker, you can invest in forex, binary options or penny stocks, about which you can learn more here.

Of course, as time passes by and your experience grows, the investments will follow in suit, and you will get your chance to earn some real money.

5. Web tutoring

With the growth of the Internet, opportunities have skyrocketed and the world of teaching was in no way marginalized here. With communication tools such as Skype, you can do everything from helping a child with homework, to teaching adults how to use computers, even give language lessons.

This is a quick way to earn some extra pocket money, but may well turn out to be your dream profession. Up until recently, working from home was a privilege that only a few had a chance to enjoy. Nowadays, however, this way of earning money is well on its way towards becoming a trend, rather than a fad.

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Nate M. Vickery is a business consultant from Sydney, Australia. His fields of expertise are company management and efficient work environment through latest technology trends, as well as internet marketing. He is also an editor in chief at bizzmarkblog.com.

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