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Day by day the number of small and large companies is growing. It happens because of the development of many business areas.

Moreover, small firms are starting to work harder to become better than their competitors. Small businesses (firms with 1-499 employees) continue to add more net new jobs than large businesses (500+ employees).

In this case, the enterprise continually needs new, qualified personnel. HR-managers are in search of them every day, every hour.

But it is challenging to hire the right person who is entirely suitable for the company and will not cause problems. Nearly three in four employers are affected by a bad hire, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey.

On the path to successful engagement, you face endless questions and make many mistakes. Do not forget that every fault has a number of consequences, so it’s better to avoid them. But, how?

You will have to reconsider your strategy and find flaws in it. At this rate, you will be able to foresee the error at the very beginning of the path.

In this article, I have mentioned five of the most common mistakes while hiring. I hope it will help you in one way or another.

1. Are You Sure That You Need a New Employee?

This is probably the most common mistake among all enterprises. Especially typical for large firms with big teams.

The problem lies in the fact that it is difficult to distribute duties in a large team, and it is often done incorrectly. If so, then it seems like more workers are needed. Although you can not precisely say what role should play a new employee.

Afterwards, you will not be able to find assignments for the new employee, or draw up his work schedule correctly. As a result – company will suffer from such hiring decision. And you run the risk of losing a lot of time and money.

Bad Hires Result in Fewer Sales-You Should Avoid While Hiring

To avoid this, think carefully whether you need a new employee at all. Think about the purpose of his work and the result that you want to get.

Also, you should hold a meeting on this topic. Learn from their subordinates what they think about hiring a new employee. Perhaps you will be able to share the tasks that you wanted to entrust the new person between yourselves.

Together it is easier to decide what tasks and prospects you can offer a new person. Start looking for a new employee only after the final decision.

Do not ignore this critical point, because it is followed by a number of consequences.

 2.   Do Not Narrow Your Search

Most of the recruitment managers are trying to find the perfect candidate for all points. This is not quite the right approach. Thus, you significantly narrow your search and risk missing a very talented person.

It is not entirely correct to think that if a person has enormous work experience or a good resume, then he is ideal for you. In many cases, the opposite happens.

A person who is trained to do work in a specific way will not be able to perform it differently. Sometimes it is easier to teach than to retrain.

Accordingly, if you do not focus on your “ideal”, and you will consider candidates without experience, or with minimal work experience the search will expand and the chance to find a good worker will increase.

Also do not be afraid to invite many people to interview, perhaps in live communication, they will reveal themselves better.

It is better simply to look for an employee and make a final conclusion only after an interview or probation period. Remember that everyone is capable of surprises.

3.  Everyone Can Have Skeletons in the Closet

Supposedly you have already found a suitable candidate and are ready to send him an offer. Make sure that this person does not hide things that can affect the success or reputation of your company adversely.

You can not fully trust the resume or the results of the interview. There is always something that a person tries to hide. In order not to hire a fraudster into your team, it is possible to conduct a small investigation.

For example, check the availability of a license, insurance, medical book and verify that all of this is veritable.

Some check candidate profiles in social networks. Most often people are not afraid to write the truth and to divulge their secrets. This happens because people on the Internet have a sense of “security”. Many believe that no one can reach them in the network or harm in any way. Therefore, people behave uninhibited in the net.

Employee background check services help perform such an investigation. Background checks contain the necessary data about criminal records, marriage and divorce records, previous addresses, court judgements and bankruptcies.

Moreover, you can use phone number lookups. Such services allow to find an email address, location, social media profiles, and even criminal records by the phone number of the owner.

According to Society of Human Resource Management more than two thirds (69%) of employers run criminal background checks on all of their potential employees.

Criminal Background Checks Stats-You Should Avoid While Hiring

The main thing is that you can not trust everything that you see and hear. It is always necessary to check the candidates for a reason not to hire a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

4. Do Not Hurry

People are beings who are used to doing everything at the last moment. This affects the quality of work greatly. But in the HR-manager’s work this is unacceptable.

It is not right to start looking for a new employee if you need him in the shortest possible time. Start searching in advance.

For example, you know that after a while one of your assistants will quit, then you need to start looking for a replacement right now. It is worth starting to look for new personnel if you are going to expand the company, too.

We often miss important moments in a hurry. If you do not have enough time, then hardly you can do everything qualitatively. No wonder there is a saying “Haste makes waste”.

If an unforeseen situation has already happened, and you need to find a new person very quickly, do not ignore such vital points as an interview, little investigation or probation.

Try to find time to think over the controversial aspects. Do not forget to pay attention to the details.

Do everything as correctly as possible, because if you miss something important, then you might have to start all over again. Of course, it will be much better if such situations happen rarely.

5. It Won’t Be Very Good If You Choose Only One Person for Probation

The next step after a successful interview is in most cases a probationary period. After it, the company is already able to make a final decision. But twenty percent employees fail to pass probation period.

So what to do next if your ideal candidate fails the probationary period? You’ll have to start searching from the very beginning. With this approach, you will lose a lot of time for nothing. Fortunately, all this can be avoided.

You should try to change your strategy a little bit. Instead of one suitable candidate, select several. Maybe it will take a little longer, but at the final stage, such an action will be worth it.

After you have selected a few applicants, equal in experience and skills, you can send them on probation. Make an individual schedule for everyone, so you can easily monitor their work.

It is difficult to hire the right person because only 14% of employees understand their company’s strategy and direction.

It is very important to give them the same or the most similar tasks. So, in the end, you will be able to objectively assess the results of each and make the right choice. Only after the comparison, you can find out who is more suitable for your team.

To sum up, we can say that startup companies are always in search of new employees. The hiring process becomes more complicated because of many different factors. HR-managers allow mistakes that lead to unpleasant consequences.

All the faults are hiding in the strategy, so the first thing you need to do is revise it. Perhaps you will find them and make corrections. If you do not get to see in what you are wrong, then I propose to look again at the most common mistakes.

As already mentioned, first you need to define a clear goal for your hiring. Decide what role in your team will play a new co-worker, develop a work plan and schedule for him or her .

Try not to create ideals. It is also worth giving a chance to inexperienced people who have a great desire to work. In this case, the circle of your search will be more significant, and the percentage of the successful hiring will also increase.

Remember that every candidate should be checked. Employee background check services and phone number lookups will help you in this.

Do not rush during the search. Make sure that you have enough time for your work. Be attentive to detail and try not to miss something important.

Choose several persons for probation, so then you will be able to hire the best one.

So, take your work seriously. Do not make such faults as I described above. It is better to learn from other people’s mistakes. I hope that this article was useful for you and you found here what you were looking for.


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Valerie Malecha is one of the content managers for Spokeo – a people search platform helping users know more about the people in their lives through access to social media profiles, phone numbers, marital status, and more.

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