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For many people staying at home and working from your couch sounds like the ultimate dream. It’s true, powering up the laptop to address tasks from your home office, a local coffee shop, or coworking space is becoming the new normal.

Remote working can be highly productive, but it might also go badly wrong. It’s very easy to get off course without proper office space and an organized schedule, especially when no one is looking over your shoulder. Staying motivated, productive, and energized, maintaining a work-life balance, and video conference etiquette are just some of the possible challenges. 

Whether you are a full-time freelancer, self-employed, or working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, you probably want to avoid getting sucked into doing endless laundry, falling into a Netflix void, or spending lots of time on Youtube. Therefore let’s explore five ways to avoid the pitfalls, conquer distractions, and stay professional and entirely focused when working from home.

Start Your Day Off Right

It’s might seem obvious, but your morning routine puts you in the mood to work. When working remotely, it sometimes can be a little more difficult to set the right attitude, unlike being in office. From an annoying alarm clock to screaming kids – these factors can cause a challenging start of your day.

Morning Routine

Starting a day on the right foot with a mindful morning and consistent routine may help to concentrate your body and mind, which in turn enhances the focus and energy needed for the whole day. Begin the day by having a healthy and well-balanced breakfast, quiet your mind, and meditate without a rush.

Additionally, many people around the world prefer to add CBD oil to their morning beverages or meals to help embrace each moment and be less reactive to various stressful situations. CBD is a natural compound that is known as a potent pain-killer, stress-reducer, and mood-booster. It acts by influencing special receptors in the brain to help regulate primary functions occurring in the body, such as anxiety, sleep, appetite, mood, immune function, pain, memory, etc.

The benefits of CBD oil make this remedy a great addition to your tea, coffee, or smoothie to help you relax, decrease stress, improve focus, lift the mood, among other positive effects. 

Establish Working Hours & Structure Your Day

Since you’re not tied with usual work hours or a traditional office, make sure you use it wisely. Effective time management is a crucial step if you want to continue meeting your deadlines while working remotely. Whether you prefer to work eight hours straight or decide to break working hours into different segments within a day, make sure to set and dedicate time according to your schedule. 

clock beside a notebook, pen and phone

The working time can match with your natural schedule as well. If you work better in the morning, allow your hours to fit accordingly while in case you are more productive at night, set up work time to coincide with this schedule. Once you set your own working hours, make sure to organize main and in-between tasks for the day with a to-do list.

This will help you to add an extra layer of structure and avoid unwanted procrastination or losing focus by switching tasks. Time goes by quickly, so if you don’t structure your work hours, you can end up your day without accomplishing many tasks. 

Set A Timer On Your Phone

Technology can make a great administrative assistant by helping schedule alerts for essential tasks and appointments, pre-schedule emails and social media posts, and filter out unimportant messages during work hours. At the same time, while you are sitting at your work desk, it can be tempting to take your phone and stuck in Instagram feed, particularly when it’s continually pushing alerts at you.

To prevent you from being distracted, consider turning off push notifications, setting the timer on your phone for 90 minutes, and then putting it out of your sight. Not only does taking scheduled breaks often helps to work more productively and structure your time, but it also reminds you to ignore your phone and other potential distractions.

Be Active

Regal physical activity is vital, even if it’s just a quick walk, a short break for stretching and movement. Lack of exercise can negatively impact both your body and mind as it can lead to your brain becoming sluggish.

Exercise and Productivity

Don’t be afraid to schedule a brisk jog in the morning, walk with your dog, fitness workout, or some sort of movement in your workday. Taking breaks to move not only keeps you physically well but also provides mental refresh as your thoughts become more transparent. This will help you to maintain focus and be more productive throughout the day.

Switch Up Your Working Space

Without a doubt, there are some days when your focus can abandon you. The good news, you can take it back by simply changing your location. It can be your favorite cafe, coworking places, or even a library. Whatever you choose as long as it’s different, it does wonders for your motivation, productivity, and concentration.

If you prefer to stay at home, try to mix up your space, even in a small apartment. Move around the house from work desk to kitchen table or sofa or just change their location. Each shift to a new zone and fresh scenery puts you in a different mindset, gives you a new perspective, and can re-energize you if you are struggling with a difficult task. 

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