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When you think that your country has nothing to offer you, the thought of going abroad surfaces. Your current job is like hell, you barely feel that it helps you and it’s like you don’t even enjoy it anymore.

Working abroad can take your career and life to the next level.

Many people seek jobs abroad nowadays. It usually happens because their country doesn’t offer them many opportunities. Another cause might be the fact that they don’t find the jobs they prepared for and other countries have a wide variety of jobs that people can choose from.

However, moving to a new country is not an easy task. You must give up on many things, like friends, family or even hobbies to be able to do this. Basically, a new life begins, with a new job and house and new people, language, and surroundings. A lot of bravery is needed to be able to do this.

This task is not impossible, though. Here’s a list of things you need to know before moving abroad for a new job.

1. The Country’s Language

It is no surprise, but if you’re going to a different country, you might have to learn the language, or at least some basic grammar. English is used all over the world, but where you’re going to might be a bit different.

While English is an international language, there are countries where it’s not learned in school.

You’ve probably heard that you can never fully master a foreign language until you live in the country it’s used. This is true. While you learn and practice at home, you might be surprised to hear a totally different language once you get there.

Each language has certain dialects, and they differ depending on where you’re going. Different parts of the country have different dialects. Therefore, it’s easier to learn them when you encounter them and see how they’re used.

2. Living Costs

Before starting the job, you probably have an idea about what your income is going to be. You must be aware that the costs in a different country might be different compared to what you’re used to.

Accommodation, food, and entertainment could all have higher prices than those in your birthplace.

Negotiate your income in such a way to line up with the country’s costs. Additionally, you can open a bank account until actually getting your salary. This way, your loved ones might be able to help you until you get on track.

3. Your Loved Ones

Moving alone might be very hard. You are forced to pack your stuff and give up on meeting with your family and friends on a daily basis.

Well, there’s the option to take them with you. However, there are some things to consider.

If you have children, you must think about how they would be able to integrate in the new country. If a young family is moving with you, look for nursery and local schooling, so find out the costs and available options.

If you’re moving alone, think about how easy it would be for you to go home in case of an emergency.

4. The Culture

Think about the fact that you’re going to embrace a new culture. Do some research about the country’s culture to make sure you don’t mistakenly do something bad.

Remember that, to them, you are the representation of your country. If you don’t respect their culture, they might develop a bad opinion about yours.

You’re a guest, but you shouldn’t expect special treatment just because you’re a foreigner. Their country is the one offering you something, so be respectful of their culture and they are going to respect you as well.

5. Their Taxes

Depending on your home country, in some cases, you can become a tax resident in your new location. Certain countries have this thing called a bilateral tax.

It means that they calculate how a non-resident is going to be taxed. Keep in mind that your finances may face a huge change if you stay there beyond the exemption time and become liable for taxation.

6. Location and People

Before getting there, do some research. Find out which are the best areas to live in and what they have to offer. Compare them to your home and notice the changes they bring into your daily life.

Moving out is stressful, however, you look at it, so it’s better to have some information before diving in.

Once you get there, you’re not going to spend your whole day in bed watching TV. It’s a new world, so you should go out and explore your surroundings.

In addition, you need to find some people you can hang out with. You’re going to be far away from home, and the faces you’re used to seeing are not with you. So, the need for people you can connect with is huge when in a foreign place.

Find some people with common tastes and hobbies. Try befriending the co-workers as well. Don’t isolate yourself, go out into the world and socialize.

7. Opportunities

Keep this in mind: Not everyone has this unique chance that you’re experiencing. Many people want to move to a different country but are not able to because of various problems.

Working abroad is an experience you’re most likely not going to regret. You have the opportunity of learning a new language and seeing how life is for other people. You’re living in a different culture and learning a lot about it. Such things are sure to boost your independence, skills, and mood.

It also helps you find out if you want this to be temporary or you’d like to move there for good. Still, whether you decide to leave or not, it’s an experience worth living.

Final Thoughts

If you’re being drawn to getting a job abroad, don’t miss it. It can offer you a lot of advantages, and you’re never going to forget this experience.


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Jessica Hanson is the Head of Content for Hire A Box - a moving company based in Australia. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling around the world to different surf spots and tasting the local cuisine.

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