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“Productivity is never an accident; it is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and an applied effort.”

Let’s talk about the domino effect and how a typical domino can knock over another domino bigger in size. However, the result relies on all the dominoes falling in just the right way. If one of them slip or is poorly situated, the whole process can come to an abrupt stop. Employee productivity can take a similar hit when employees are overwhelmed by their workload and feel their needs are not being met.

HR needs the utmost care and attention by utilizing some hacks.

It lies in the hands of HR leadership to prevent the worst-case scenario and motivate the people to produce their best work in every task and project assigned to them. We are all familiar with Spiderman’s catchphrase: “With great power comes great responsibility.” However, this would mean nothing if a man does exactly what a spider can and does not rise above it.

 A Company can experience almost a 12% increase in productivity with happy and satisfied employees, as per a study published in the Journal of Labour Economics.

 And Hence HR leaders can play an essential role in ensuring the following methods. Let’s have a look at some of the cool HR hacks.

1. Encourage Intrapreneurship

A person can be as creative as a bird exploring the sky. You tether the wings; the birds lose the zeal to fly and reach greater heights. An employee must not be restricted to perform the assigned duties only but should be encouraged to go beyond the job description.

The employee should be motivated to take ownership of individual projects/tasks outside his domain knowledge as a part of interdisciplinary learning/cross-industry exposure, which helps the employee gain more experience and skills to improve his/her skill set. This will eventually help the organization having a more efficient task force who can do multiple hats for them for any situation needed.

2. Follow Strict and Efficient Meeting Timings

Mrs X planned a family dinner at 8 PM after such a long time to spend some quality time with family, but the boss asked to extend the meeting by 15 mins. The xext thing we know, she is stuck in a traffic jam which she could have avoided and reached for dinner on time. Nonetheless, the meal has been ruined and so is her motivation to go to the office the next day.

Meetings should be efficient with a clearly defined agenda with timelines, and everyone should respect it; even if you are a CEO! It gives a sense of efficient time management to every employee through which they can ultimately follow the same principle to improve their productivity at work.

3. Do Not Discourage Raising a Hand

An employee should feel valued in the company, and one must feel that the leaders in the company consider the inputs provided by him/her. Conduct periodic all-hands session, town hall activities or knowledge exchange session, which involves the employees to share their thoughts, contributions, and experiences.

Brainstorming sessions help the employees to display their views and ideas; such a platform helps to break the ice barrier between leadership and employees and creates a free flow of ideas and thoughts. Sometimes, an ordinary mind can generate an extraordinary idea. So, that’s an amazing HR hack.

4. Recognize the Valuable and Hardworking Employees

People go the extra mile for recognition, praise, and rewards. There’s not a single person who doesn’t appreciate an award for outstanding work.

An employee who went the extra mile should be rewarded and recognized. This boosts the morale of the employee to continue working the same way and provides motivation for other employees to achieve similar things for similar recognition and rewards. Healthy competition always makes one strive to be better.

employees working in an office together-Successful Internal Hire-Employee Productivity

5. Share Company Goals and News

Leadership should communicate with all the employees about the happenings in the company, achievements of the company, goals, and targets for the next quarter/year, etc.

This gives a sense of purpose to the employees and makes them feel an essential part of the organization.

Leadership should discuss how an employee’s contribution is helping the company achieve its goals and targets.

6. Encourage Team Bonding

Leadership should encourage connections at workplaces and interdisciplinary/cross-team bonding. Conduct regular team outings, team-building activities, social gatherings, which helps the employees to connect on a personal level as well.

Employees who establish a sense of camaraderie with their co-workers are 2.5 times more likely to be happy on the job than those who do not. As they say “Unity is strength” and a more solid team will produce much better results.

7. Respect the Work-Life Balance

Leadership should respect the personal space of an employee and not bombard with the work duties outside work hours or work premises.

An employee who spent a quality evening with the family the other night would be happier and more charged up to work the next day as compared to the employee who was asked to complete a presentation at home.

Work-life balance is not a myth and should be respected, even in these times of market competitiveness. It an important HR hack.

8. Be a Leader

Leadership should be someone to look up to in a company. And hence the difference should be made right at the top level of management.

A leader should walk the talk and be a role model for the rest of the employees to follow. An employee should have trust and confidence in the leadership. No one likes to work for someone who steals credit for work, delegates everything and blames it on the employee every time.

A great HR hack in achieving the employee’s productivity is knowing what to do. The next step is to repeat those steps. Increasing employee productivity seems like a big feat, but nothing worth having comes easy!

With the right hacks at your disposal, I believe you will be able to get on the right track. And luckily for you, you don’t need to have been bitten by a radioactive spider to make it happen.

Final Words

“Good employees are treasures, and the company who possess them is the one who can achieve all of the success in the dynamic business world.”

Improving employee productivity holds the utmost importance to the company, employees are the driving force of any organization, keeping them motivated and charged up through it is very important.

Retaining your employees is a must as they are the fundamental units of the organization who know every work culture, ethics, and organization’s motto, so their contribution is a thriving input.


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