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It’s the dawn of another new year and a significant change for all the aspiring developers to get more Java into their coding skills. Java as a programming language has evolved a lot right from the time it was used initially. Since the language is brimming with a considerable range of versions, it becomes the right choice for developers to opt for learning the language.

There are plenty of courses that can help you to learn the same. However, we are not going to talk about this in the post. Today, it is time for knowing the most important skills that Java developers must have with them.

Java ecosystem has changed dramatically in the past few years. That makes it mandatory for either budding or even experienced developers to get the hang of all the updates. The Java version updates have made it challenging for developers to remain up-to-date with the changing scenario.

The concurrent version updates every six months seemed demanding for the budding developers to keep pace with the same.

Well, this is quite the nature of Java, it may sound complicated, but once you are into it, the programming language gets more interesting.

While having my research on the Java ecosystem, I came across some of the interesting facts on this evergreen programming language. Here is a brief on the same.

  • In the beginning, Java was known as Oak
  • Java is ranked 2nd in the popularity after C
  • JUnit testing framework is currently the most used Java technology
  • Java has no concept of pointers
  • “The Duke” is the mascot for Java
  • More than 3 billion devices run on Java

Now that we have some significant insights on Java, let’s have an elaborated discussion on must have Java skills for the developers:

1. Hands-on Experience on Different Java Versions

Developers who want to have expertise in Java must learn Java 8, 9, 10, and 11. They may extend their learning to Java 12. Among all these versions, my suggestion is to keep Java 8 on the priority to get a better insight into the Java ecosystem. Java 8 has excellent features for productivity, ease of use, improved security, and performance, and much more to it.

Development kit nine of Java also brings a lot of surprises for the users regarding modules, process APIs, Jshell, and API improvements including collection factory methods. Java 10, on the other hand, offers var technology to give developers experience of dynamic typing.

2. Expertise on DevOps

DevOps watched a lot of traction last year. As a result of the same, a lot of companies are adopting it for deployment and code integration.

DevOps forms a significant part of the overall Java ecosystem making it vast enough for a professional employed in any Java app development company. There are a lot of tools, principles, and a lot more than keep it enriched for the developers.

DevOps engineers generally manage and automate the related ecosystem to improve the overall coding structure. It is an excellent skill set for Java developers that can help them land an exceptional position.\

As Java developers get hired for their expert coding skills, DevOps may become another reason for securing an outstanding job in the app development company.

3. Spring Framework 5

Spring 5 has brought some new features like reactive programming and some unit test programming. The list of these features is an extensive one that gives sufficient knowledge to the developers. There are some courses available for beginners to learn Spring Framework 5 from the beginning. It provides major insight on the development front to the developers.

Developers who are looking forward to learning the course can either sign up for the class or can opt for reading the books to get the knowledge on the same. It is essential to have these critical skills to secure a position in a Java development company.

4. Git and Github Expertise

Expertise on Git and Github is fundamentally important for developers dreaming of having a great kick start to their careers. More and more companies are migrating their projects to Git, which makes it essential for developers to have expertise on the same. These free and open-source distributed versions are handy to learn. All it requires is investing some time to get the necessary skill.

There are some free courses available for Java development skills in the form of online classes. There are popular platforms too that can help developers get expertise on the same.

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5. Learning More about Apis and Libraries

Skilled Java developers have considerable expertise in APIs and libraries, and that helps them code exceptionally well. Being one of the most mature programming languages, Java has some libraries and APIs. These APIs help developers create essential classes while coding the application. This makes it easy for them to be more efficient at coding.

It is, of course, neither reasonable nor expected that any single developer will know all of these APIs. However, it is vital for them to know at least something about multiple, as efficiency and insight when dealing with APIs and related skills makes you all the more competitive during the hiring process. Some places to start are major industry APIs including Jackson, Gson, and JAXB along with unit testing libraries like JUnit.  

6. Knowing More of JVM internals

Some elements are essential for a Java developer to know. JVM internals is one such element. Developers must learn why this element is necessary and where it is deployable in the coding ecosystem. The developers who are well-aware of the same can easily write robust and scalable applications. 

As part of the learning, the Java developers would come to know about profiling their Java apps and finding the issues in coding while growing more as a developer. Understanding different Java elements are necessary to gain insightful details.

7. Knowledge of Spring Boot 2

Spring Boot 2 is the new release in the series Spring Boot framework. As more and more companies are now shifting to this framework, it is very much important for developers to learn the same. Frameworks like Spring MVC, Spring Cloud, etc. are favorite to many developers for creating web applications. It thus becomes important to get all the required knowledge.

In the case of budding developers, they should start with beginners’ guides to learn the basics first. As they get familiar with the framework, it will become easier to climb the success ladder.

In Conclusion

Besides the pointers that have been illustrated here in detail, developers must also get the required knowledge about Angular 2, React JS, Jenkins—all things that are related to Java at a fundamental level. Especially if you want to become a developer in a custom Java app development company. Knowing all the fonts makes it easy to grow in an ever-growing space.

This is all about the pointers that every developer must know about while learning the new ins and the outs of Java. It may take some time to learn all the related skills, but it is always wise to keep learning, especially in a space that is growing and changing every single day. In the field of programming languages, new developments occur constantly. Only those who remain updated will survive. 

Pro tip: To start with the Java development skills, learn the nitty-gritty of Java 8. This will help make learning the language much more straightforward, and in turn, help you become an efficient developer.

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