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The number of accidents that happen in the workplace is startling. Did you know that over 4,500 people die on the job each year? Many of these fatalities are caused by neglect of Safety and Health.

The fact that many of these deaths could have been prevented is a complete tragedy. People often make the misconception that Safety and Health is somebody else’s responsibility. There are various types of responsibility that people in official roles have from owning workplace policies, educating employees, and performing regular checks.

However, there is an element of responsibility for every person that steps into the workplace. If you were to leave something lying in a place where people walk, and then somebody trips over it and injures themselves, you have inadvertently caused that accident.

Even though it is unlikely that you would ever be held accountable for such an accident in terms of being sued, you would feel very guilty about it, to say the least. For more serious accidents, if you show neglect to safety and health the repercussions could be bigger.

Usually, when an accident occurs in the workplace, it will be the company that is held accountable for any compensation, but many people don’t understand their own rights.

An injury caused in the workplace may not show the full impact straight away. For example, back problems can develop over the years, and if you don’t have a medical record to evidence your injury you could end up having to stop working without any form of compensation.

Some areas of work are more prone to serious injuries than others. As you would expect, heavily manual jobs or ones where potentially dangerous machinery is used tend to be the areas where the most serious of accidents happen. In the construction industry, this is of particular concern. The OSHA reported that 21.4% of worker fatalities in 2015 were in the construction sector.

If you are working in the construction sector, then you should make it your business to know that your employer is doing everything that they can to protect you. From equipment checks to providing protective clothing, you should demand that they pay the highest attention to the safety of their workers.

If you are unfortunate enough to get injured, then you should speak to construction accident lawyers msllegal.com. You should never be scared of losing work or losing your job by seeking legal advice; it is your right, after all.

Don’t become part of those frightening statistics, push for improved safety and health policies if you think that your workplace is not taking it seriously enough. Once an accident has happened, it is too late to make the necessary improvements, and although it might stop the same type of accident from happening to people in the future, it certainly won’t help the unfortunate person who sustained the injury.

If you have an HR team or a wellbeing advice line, then take some advice from them if you have some concerns. There may be problems that could be easily fixed if they are brought to attention and the firm could be hugely grateful to you for showing that initiative.

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