Why Using Numbers on Your CV is So Important

When you are drawing up your CV ready to send out to prospective employers, it can be very easy to overlook adding figures to your information. You can be so wrapped up in the style, grammar and format of your layout that forgetting to say how much time or money you saved your company can … Continue reading “Why Using Numbers on Your CV is So Important”

Choosing The Perfect CV Builder For Your Career

If you want to create a professional CV but don’t feel confident in going it alone, a CV builder could be the ideal solution for you. An online CV building tool will allow you to enter your skills and experience within a rigid structure that reduces the chances of mistakes being made. However, there are … Continue reading “Choosing The Perfect CV Builder For Your Career”

9 Questions to Ask Before Sending Your CV

Once you’ve written your CV, it’s tempting to start firing it out to recruiters and employers straight away. However it’s best to proceed with caution in the job market, because you only get one chance to make a first impression. So before you send your CV to anybody, you should check it over thoroughly to … Continue reading “9 Questions to Ask Before Sending Your CV”

63 Valuable Skills for your Digital Marketing CV

With the vast majority of modern businesses requiring an online presence, there is always a high demand for digital marketing staff across the globe. As a digital marketer, your CV / Resume needs to be packed with impressive skills and knowledge if you want to land interviews for the best digital jobs. From email marketing … Continue reading “63 Valuable Skills for your Digital Marketing CV”

CV Writing Tips for a Project Manager Position

Writing your CV as a Project Manager can be almost as complex as the projects you manage. With a role that involves the coordination of many people and activities, it can be tricky to squeeze of all your knowledge and experience into 2 pages. Although every project managers’ CV will be unique to them, there … Continue reading “CV Writing Tips for a Project Manager Position”

10 Essential CV Writing Verbs

When it comes to the wording you use within your CV/resume, nothing is more important than the verbs you include. Verbs are commonly known as “doing words” and describe the actions you take to complete a task. Therefore it’s understandable that employers rely heavily on verbs to comprehend your input into your previous employers’ success. … Continue reading “10 Essential CV Writing Verbs”

5 Essential CV Writing Rules

When you’re on the hunt for a new job opportunity, it pays to understand the rules and guidelines of employer CV expectations. So StandOut CV have provided 5 essential CV writing rules to follow if you want to ensure your CV gets attention for employers. Ensure that your CV is specifically targeted towards one type … Continue reading “5 Essential CV Writing Rules”

6 CV Writing Tips for Graduates

As a graduate, starting your first proper job hunt can be a daunting prospect, especially when it comes to writing your first professional CV. With little exposure to the job market, it’s tough to know exactly how you should format your CV and what content you should include. So if you are a newly graduated … Continue reading “6 CV Writing Tips for Graduates”

Bounce Back from Redundancy in 5 Steps

Redundancy affects employees across the world and can be a deeply distressing experience. However it is possible to turn the situation around to a positive and open yourself up to new opportunities. CV writing service StandOut CV have provided this visual advice pieceshowing 5 steps to bouncing back from redundancy and emerging unscathed. Once you … Continue reading “Bounce Back from Redundancy in 5 Steps”

5 Ways To Boost Your Entry-Level CV

Writing your first CV can be a challenge. It’s tough to know exactly what you should include and your lack of work experience makes it even harder. So StandOut CV have created this handy infographic showing 5 ways you can boost your junior level CV. The first step to CV success landing some work experience … Continue reading “5 Ways To Boost Your Entry-Level CV”