Career Path to Becoming a Wedding Dress Designer

Becoming a Wedding Dress Designer and creating beautiful wedding dresses is a wonderful ambition to have. A general love for and understanding of dressmaking is the most important foundation to have to make the dream a reality. Some wedding dress designers will design and make the dress themselves while others will focus on the design … Continue reading “Career Path to Becoming a Wedding Dress Designer”

Chase That Promotion!

With all the talk of a change of career sometimes the people forgotten about are those in careers they enjoy but still want to progress. It can be hard sometimes when you are in a rut, feeling unchallenged and like you are owed some semblance of a benefit increase, be it pay rise or otherwise.  … Continue reading “Chase That Promotion!”

No Law Degree? No Problem!

Having a successful career in law requires determination and grit, an understanding of how law courts work, and a strong moral compass. One of the things it doesn’t require, despite what you may have heard, is a law degree. While becoming a lawyer or other legal professional required a strong academic background at one point, … Continue reading “No Law Degree? No Problem!”

The Top 5 Tips for Preparing for Your Interview

When it comes to preparing for job interviews, there are a few things you can remember that will help you feel ready and comfortable when it comes time to do the interview. By following these three simple steps for preparing for your interview, you will go in ready and make the best first impression: 1. … Continue reading “The Top 5 Tips for Preparing for Your Interview”

Struggling to Find a Job? Use These 6 Tips!

Nearly everyone has faced the challenge of job hunting, especially those who lack in experience when first starting out. There are many reasons why someone has trouble finding a job, and it may seem hopeless and impossible at times. Fortunately, there are tons of resources out there to help people find jobs, learn skills, and get … Continue reading “Struggling to Find a Job? Use These 6 Tips!”

Is Telecommuting the New Work Trend?

Our works are constantly changing – not only are new job descriptions constantly popping up and replacing old jobs, the way we work is changing and transforming our societies and lives. When it comes to these changing work trends, telecommuting is clearly at the centre of it all. What is telecommuting?  Telecommuting is sometimes referred … Continue reading “Is Telecommuting the New Work Trend?”

Freelancing & Freedom! The Facts

It seems that the trend of making your own work is the preferred option for many of us nowadays. And with good cause, the amount of people heading into self-employment or entrepreneurial endeavors are higher than ever before, and the trend will just continue the more people are becoming more dissatisfied with their jobs, or … Continue reading “Freelancing & Freedom! The Facts”

7 Traits That Will Make Any Employer Love You

If you’ve got a particular career goal in mind, then you probably know all about the specific “hard” skills that you’ll need to get there. Aside from these, however, there are a range of more universal traits that all employers will look for when they’re running a recruitment drive. Some of these may be more … Continue reading “7 Traits That Will Make Any Employer Love You”

Want to Land a Job Abroad? Here’s How to Do It

If you’re tired of the same old country, same dull city and same uneventful job, then you might have thought about moving away to another country in order to start a fresh, new life. Or perhaps you just want to work in another country for a little while to see what the world has to … Continue reading “Want to Land a Job Abroad? Here’s How to Do It”

Choosing A Job-worthy Degree: Universal Vs Niche

There are many reasons to study for a degree. Some do it to broaden their mind, others to bide their time whilst they figure out what they want to do with their life. For the majority of us, a degree is a stepping stone to a good job. There are now all kinds of degrees … Continue reading “Choosing A Job-worthy Degree: Universal Vs Niche”