Landing A High-Flying Job In Aviation

Aviation is still one of the most high-paying industries in the world. But what does it take in order to be qualified for a job in this industry? Here are the aviation careers with the highest salary and some advice on how to get your foot in the door.    1. Becoming a Pilot Many … Continue reading “Landing A High-Flying Job In Aviation”

6 Ideas for Managing Your Team More Effectively

Have you recently been promoted or tasked with leading a team? That’s great! What’s not so great is if the team you have been tasked with overseeing are is not functioning properly. For a first-time manager or leader of a team, dysfunction can be the source of much stress and despair. Although being tasked with leading a … Continue reading “6 Ideas for Managing Your Team More Effectively”

5 Ways of Improving your Chances of Promotion

Do you feel you are ready for your next big promotion, but haven’t quite achieved it?  What could be holding you back?  Do you think that you are deserving of a bigger paycheck than you are?   It could be that you haven’t quite made your career goal of 2018 yet, so we have put … Continue reading “5 Ways of Improving your Chances of Promotion”

4 Different Options to Pursue a Career in Teaching

Having a love of learning often leads to a lifelong enjoyment from continually discovering new things. Similarly, being an excellent imparter of knowledge by teaching other people how to improve their skills, ideas, thinking and factual knowledge of a subject or language is highly rewarding too. Anyone bitten by the bug to be an educator … Continue reading “4 Different Options to Pursue a Career in Teaching”

Will Your Career Become Obsolete?

Analysts at some of the world’s most prominent think tanks are forecasting massive disruptions in the global job markets within the next several decades. They anticipate that technological advances will render 47 percent of the world’s current jobs obsolete. What Sorts of Jobs Are in Danger of Becoming Obsolete Soon? These experts inform us that even the … Continue reading “Will Your Career Become Obsolete?”

3 Challenges Faced when Managing Employees Globally

How do you command respect from someone you’ve never met, in a country you’ve never been to? The answer isn’t easy. Today’s leaders are faced with a new set of hurdles as globalization continues to gain momentum. Communicating with—let alone overseeing—employees overseas can seem impossible without the right tools in place. Let’s take a look at … Continue reading “3 Challenges Faced when Managing Employees Globally”

Careers That Don’t Require You To Work A Regular 9 to 5

Many people around the world seek for that little bit more than just a regular 9-5 job. That might be because you want to travel the world, or even because you want to settle down and have a family, with the option of being at home as much as possible. This doesn’t have to mean … Continue reading “Careers That Don’t Require You To Work A Regular 9 to 5”

How To Decide If Civil Engineering Is For You?

Civil engineering is an exciting job, and there will always be demand for civil engineers, but is this the right job for you? If you are a strategic and creative thinker, this may be the perfect career path. However, there are a number of different factors you need to take into account before you embark … Continue reading “How To Decide If Civil Engineering Is For You?”