How to Get a Freelance Job in 1 Week

Most people regularly ask themselves the real reason as to why freelance writing attracts a huge number of individuals, having the potential to manage their own time. In most cases, having a boss who dictates and controls your every move does not go well with most people. This pushes many to look for other sources … Continue reading “How to Get a Freelance Job in 1 Week”

How Can Freelance Writers Build a Strong Reputation

Your reputation is the most valuable thing in your freelance career. It gives you an enhanced platform to run your freelance business, take more challenging tasks, and get better-paying orders. For a brand new freelancer, building a reputation is the first and the most important task to accomplish. It is not enough to complete a … Continue reading “How Can Freelance Writers Build a Strong Reputation”

5 Common Mistakes In Freelancing

Freelancing has always been attached to a carefree lifestyle where an individual is able to work at his/her own pace while relaxing at the poolside with a laptop typing away. However, if you can ask professional freelancer about a day in their life, most likely you will be met with comments like “It is tough” … Continue reading “5 Common Mistakes In Freelancing”

6 Reasons Why A Freelance Career Is Not for You

Working freelance is a dream job for many people. You don’t have to dress up to go to the office, you can work from any part of the world, and in most cases, you are allowed to choose working hours, a luxury office workers are not blessed with. However, it is the Freelance Career that … Continue reading “6 Reasons Why A Freelance Career Is Not for You”

How To Create Portfolio Of A Freelance Writer

Professional freelance writing starts with creating an effective portfolio. New writers rely only on their communication skill. They believe this skill will help them establish contacts with customers and to get some orders. They have nothing to show their clients, so basically they offer a pig in a poke. Professionals act differently. They already have … Continue reading “How To Create Portfolio Of A Freelance Writer”