9 Subjects Business Schools Should Teach (But They Don’t)

The gap between school teachings and what is REALLY needed for organizations to thrive and survive in the new markets that are unfolding is WIDE and is getting WIDER.  Approaching CHASM proportions in fact.  As an executive leader, I made it a priority to engage with business students and graduates on a regular basis. I … Continue reading “9 Subjects Business Schools Should Teach (But They Don’t)”

“I Don’t Have Enough Time” is a Lame Excuse for Losers

One of the biggest challenges facing young professionals is not enough time to do what needs to be done.  There are simply not enough hours of the day and you chase the illusive clock trying to stretch another minute from a dwindling resource. The results of this can be catastrophic. With insufficient bandwidth available given the workload … Continue reading ““I Don’t Have Enough Time” is a Lame Excuse for Losers”

Networking Can Be A Waste of Time Unless…

Networking can work well for you, or it can be a complete waste of your time. It’s a potentially valuable tool for finding mentors, obtaining advice from seasoned professionals, securing career guidance  and advice on some business problem you may be experiencing. The value of a “good” network is measured not by how many connections you have, … Continue reading “Networking Can Be A Waste of Time Unless…”

Your Career Doesn’t Depend on What You’re Interested In, But…

Young professionals are frequently asked “What are you interested in?” as they apply for many job opportunities in search of an eventual career.   It’s the wrong question to define whether or not an individual is driven to achieve.   An interest is “the state of learning or wanting to know about something…”   It’s … Continue reading “Your Career Doesn’t Depend on What You’re Interested In, But…”

Don’t Make Your Promotion The End of Your Career

You’ve just been promoted. You’re on a roll.  You believe the momentum that got you here will carry you to more higher level positions and greater career success. WRONG! Your current success recognizes only two things. First, your achievements in the past roles you have held, and second, that you might have the potential to … Continue reading “Don’t Make Your Promotion The End of Your Career”

Find a Mentor who has a Track Record of Doing Not Thinking

One of the main challenges for young professionals is to find a mentor who can guide them in their career. It’s a critical issue; the right choice can accelerate their success and the wrong choice can hold them back.   What’s the best way forward?   It’s not straightforward as the “mentor environment ” is … Continue reading “Find a Mentor who has a Track Record of Doing Not Thinking”

High Performing Professionals are Focused

High performing people have one thing in common: they are extremely focussed in what they do and how they do it. One of the biggest issues that prevents effective performance is busyness, flitting here and there trying to achieve too many things and accomplishing little. Many believe that by firing enough bullets toward the target, … Continue reading “High Performing Professionals are Focused”

Forget About Your Career – Get a Job

Young professionals leave school with the intent of launching their career based on their study specialty. This may seem like a reasonable approach, but the reality is that when you start out you never really know where you will end up. A career is an unclear destination with an unpredictable journey and a healthy dose … Continue reading “Forget About Your Career – Get a Job”

️Standout Leaders “Eat Their Own Dog Food”

How often have you heard a leader preach a set of values but not demonstrate them? For these folks, it is easier to give other people advice than to heed their own words and live by them unconditionally. They talk about creating a risk-taking culture but punish those who make mistakes. They strive for perfection … Continue reading “️Standout Leaders “Eat Their Own Dog Food””

5 Proven Ways to Kill Employee Initiative

These five trusted leadership acts will suck the will for any employee to have an innovative thought. 1. Crush Innovation Utter “That’s not the way we do things around here” whenever someone brings a new idea to you. This is an effective way of preventing people from even thinking about new ways of doing things. … Continue reading “5 Proven Ways to Kill Employee Initiative”