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Staying productive, especially on the job, can be a near-constant challenge for the average employee. With an endless to-do list yet finite time, how is it possible to get the most out of our workday, make time for working on side projects, and keep our wits about us all the while?

Thankfully, the modern age has given us automation, which allows us to set tasks ranging from the basic to the complex on cruise control.

Automation gives you the ability to “set and forget” a process with the help of technology to make your day (and ultimately, your life) run smoother.

Relying on technology isn’t a bad thing, in this case, because automation can manage repetitive, often mundane tasks and free up your time to focus on activities that you deem the most important.

Automatic processes can handle up to 40% of repetitive workplace tasks, helping workers avoid wasting time on low-value activities. This could mean less time in meetings thanks to task management apps, less time spent responding to emails because of automatic inbox rules and filters, and less time wasted online with the help of website auto-blockers. A more productive workforce is within reach with just a little automation.

Even outside of the workplace, automation can make various aspects of a busy life easier.

For instance, you can automate your monthly bill payments and use apps to keep on top of finances to pay down debt, simplify your phone usage with an app like IFTTT that triggers responses across various apps to get them working together seamlessly, or even reduce time spent shopping by signing up for automatic grocery delivery and online subscriptions for frequent purchases.

With less time and mental energy spent on mundane activities, you can also be more encouraged to pursue things you never felt there was time to do, be it furthering your education, working on a side hustle, or pursuing a passion. With just a quick tap of a button on an app or computer program, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your time every single day.

Automation is readily available, as it usually requires either just an app or a system you need only spend a short amount of time setting up to put various tasks on autopilot. With the benefits of automation reaching from optimizing your workday to making leisure time more enjoyable, there’s good cause to integrate your life with a little technology for maximum benefit.

Need actionable tips on how to make your life easier by automating things? Check out this infographic from Turbo for easy ways to automate every part of your life


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Safiyyah Bazemore writes on behalf of Turbo. She’s passionate about helping people feel empowered through a deeper understanding of everything from productivity to maximizing financial health. Her most recent piece covers automation in the workplace and beyond.

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