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Job Searching can be a stressful situation, the job market is competitive, an unintentional mistake can keep you from getting a great job opportunity.

Here are four tips to help you avoid the common pitfalls that many people make when seeking employment, so you can get hired faster.

1. Know What You Want

Before you begin your search, it is crucial to define what you want, narrow down your search to a maximum of five job titles. To help you determine what role you are after; what responsibilities do you like, what is your schedule, what are your interests, your prior skills and where do you want to see yourself in five years.

By answering these questions, you will be able to define the kind of roles you are searching for. Once you have developed a guideline for the roles you are searching for, you can begin to search for immediate hire jobs near me.

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2. Adapt Your Resume To Fit The Job Description

While it may be time-consuming, adapting your resume and cover letter to match the job you are applying for is going to make you stand out. Submitting the same resume and cover letter looks like you are unenthusiastic and just applying for every job that comes through your path.

When reviewing job descriptions, pay close attention to keywords and phrases that they use, and for the skills, they are seeking. You will get more traction if you rework these words and phrases into your resume. Most recruiters are looking for people with a specific skill set, so if your resume clearly defines that your specialization matches the job description, there is a higher chance you will get through to the next round.

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3. Review Your Social Media

Before you start your job search, you should review your social media footprint. Employers and recruiters will look into your social media account to review the content. If they find anything concerning, it may jeopardize your chances of getting the role.

Firstly, you may want to check that all your accounts are set to private, then when reviewing them, if there is anything that could be perceived as unfavorable, consider removing it. Make sure the content on your social media platforms is a good representation of you, think about how a future employer may look at it.

When it comes to your Linkedin profile, make sure that the content matches what you have put on your resume. Keeping it updated as you update your resume, any disparities may confuse future employers and be a significant put-off.

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4. Research The Company 

In addition to professionalism and enthusiasm, knowing about the company you are looking to work for will make a big difference in whether or not you will get the role. Make sure that you research the company and articulate how you will be an asset to them.

This will show that you have initiative and will go the extra mile to prove that you are right for the role. Not only will doing the preliminary research help you to stand out on paper will help you to be more comfortable and confident within the interview process.

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