There aren’t many of us in the world that can say we have enough money. If you own your own home, you may need quite a lot just to keep your house in good order. And if you have bright kids, the thought of the fees from the best Universities may be keeping you up at night!

Earning more money would be great if it was possible to do without making major life changes. Fortunately, there are several ways you can earn a little extra and still have the security of your nine-to-five.

When most people start a new business, they find they can’t give up their old jobs straight away. Others are quite happy in employment but want to earn a little more by monetizing a hobby they love.

These are the people that manage to fit a part-time business into their current lifestyles. Sure, they may have very little spare time for anything else. But if you’re doing something you love, then you might not feel like you’re losing anything.

1. Start a Blog

Creativity is as important as entrepreneurship. If you’re not creating anything that someone else will pay you for, then you probably don’t have a winning business. If you’re a good writer, you could easily monetize this valued skill.

It costs next to nothing to secure a WordPress website. Infact, this particular website – is a WordPress blog. I started off by writing small articles. Over time, now it has grown to over 50+ Guest authors and close to 400 Published Articles. This hobby has become a business that I manage.

2. Become an Author

Then add a few articles a week on your favorite topics. Why not finish that book you always spoke of? You can self-publish on Amazon to earn money from it. Or you may be lucky enough to get the attention of an agent or publisher.

Many of the Guest Authors on this blog are published authors. They initially started off by writing articles on LinkedIn or their blog. Over time, they had collected enough stories and posts. Then they turned them into a published book. And since, they usually have a following of subscribers, it was not hard for them to find customers for their books.

3. Teach Music

If you’ve always enjoyed music, you could pass that joy onto others. Teaching a musical instrument doesn’t require any qualifications when you teach privately. All you need is some enthusiasm and a good level of understanding about your instrument. Of course, you might choose to take a few more lessons yourself to improve your skills.

No matter how many Pokemon Games come out, people still want to learn music. For proof, check the wide range of YouTube videos showing people learning to play an instrument.

5. First-Aid Instructor

If you’re teaching minors, it could be a good idea to take a couple of courses in child protection and paediatric First Aid too. Pick an hourly fee that represents your own expertize. There are many organizations such as the Red Cross, that will help you get trained and certified.

6. Freelance Photographer

If you’re quite creative with a camera, you could earn a few bucks from portrait or wedding photography. If you have the equipment already, this will prove quite handy. Studio work can be achieved in the client’s own home if you have a small mobile kit with backdrops. Of course, you will need extra insurance to protect you and your equipment. Develop your own brand. Pick your hours and your choice of projects.

Recently I interviewed a Guest on our Podcast. He loved Photography, and he decided to turn his passion into a career. He started out part-time, and over time he built a clientele and reputation. Now he is a full-time Photographer.

7. Health Practitioner

People will always need help with ailments and injuries. As a healer, you could be the one to improve their health. You can visit the client in their own home and offer them a range of alternative healthcare treatments. Why not learn reiki with Jade Rose or take an acupuncture course? You could, over time, build up your qualifications to offer a full range of services to your clients.

A past colleague of mine did just that. While working full-time, she started getting here Reiki certification. And she slowly built her business part-time. After a few months, one day she walked into the office and just quit to launch her business full-time.

Finding the right business for you could be as simple as picking from one of the above. It should be something that allows you to continue working. Best of all, it could be that one thing you’ve always had a passion for.

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