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It takes some doing to become a freelance WordPress developer. You need to spend a lot of time and energy getting the basics right as only then can you think of joining the domain.

WordPress is a leading CMS (content management system) responsible for powering hundreds of thousands of websites and applications in the world.

Further, this CMS is now extensively used for high-end and powerful apps and websites and thus, people tend to tap into its potential and contribute to society. But yes, you can’t become a top WordPress developer just by installing it or by reading a few tutorials. You need to know a lot more than just customizing a few themes.

1. Why Become a Freelance WordPress Developer?

Becoming a freelancer is something that is catching popularity by the day. People have reasons to switch to this mode of working as it comes with several benefits.

Here are some of the reasons for becoming a freelance WordPress developer. 

  • Flexibility of time
  • Option to Work from home
  • Extra income together with doing a full-time job
  • Helps earn money without taking up a full-time job
  • Hone your skill as a developer and add value to your career

2. How to Become a Freelance WordPress Developer?

Well, you need to start learning more about WordPress. You need to keep pace with the guidelines and trends taking place with this CMS to keep boosting your knowledge.

Here are some tips.

  • You could enroll in WordPress University
  • Read blogs of other developers
  • Follow others’ work and analyze their posts or content or works
  • Find and benefit from reference notes and programs on WordPress
  • Follow famous blogs in the domain and read books
  • Boost your understanding of MySQL and PHP
  • Learn more about WordPress APIs
  • Be a regular participant in forums

3. Tasks to Perform as a Freelance WordPress Developer

Becoming a freelance WordPress developer comes with its own set of roles and responsibilities and tasks. Once you decide to become a freelancer, you should know those tasks expected of you.

  • Clients may ask you to do WordPress development
  • You should know theme and template development
  • Projects can require plugin tweaks
  • You should know how to do new feature development
  • You should know WP set-up, configuration, and plug-in installation
  • You need to incorporate HTML and CSS into WP themes and templates
  • You may be asked to do PHP and HTML development
  • You should be aware of plugin/theme development and also about API
  • Your strong PHP development skills should be complemented by HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, and CSS
  • You should know MySQL and also about the use of SQL commands
  • You should know how to build HTML/CSS across the major browsers

Overall, becoming a freelance WordPress developer is full of benefits and you should benefit from that.

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