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One things for sure, there can come a time in your business life when working on your laptop from home or in your local coffee house is no longer going to cut it.

It’s the dream for any entrepreneur to get their business off on the right foot. But, how do you find the perfect location for your business empire?

While success may be on the way, not picking the right place to conduct business from can be your downfall.

We wanted to share with you some of the ways you can find the perfect location, and what you should be considering when the time is right.

To lease or to share, that is the question

One of the main stumbling blocks people have when it comes to finding a business location is whether to lease a place or to share an office space for the time being.

Of course, it can be specific to cost, but you also need to find the right dynamic for yourself and your business. Sometimes a shared office rental is the ideal option, but other times you may want to consider paying the extra for a leased space.

The main question to ask yourself is what the location is for? Is it to do business or just have a better space to work from?

Is there a decent footfall?

If you want to conduct business from your chosen location then one huge advantage to look out for would be if there was any decent footfall? This can be an added benefit to any business if someone can walk off the street into your office and choose to buy something or order a service.

Is it a suitable location for changing seasons?

Working in a location means that you need to ensure that the office is warm during winter and cool during summer. It’s important to have decent working conditions, not just for yourself but for anyone working with you as well, and the weather can play a huge part in that. This is why considering the weather and seasonal changes could be a big advantage when it comes to thinking about your long term plans.

Is it safe and secure?

In your business location, you may need to store your stock or office equipment. Things like the latest technology such as computers or smart devices, which is exactly what opportunists or burglars are looking out for.

So you need to make sure that you have a decent alarm system installed or even consider a recording surveillance system to make sure that your chosen business location is secure at all times. 

How close is it to you? 

Finally, you don’t want to be working somewhere miles away from where you live or find it to be quite a difficult commute each day.. It needs to be accessible for you and anyone you have working for you as well. The location is essential to ensure that you are targeting the right audience.

I hope that considering the above factors help you take that all-important next step with your business.

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