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6 Of The Best Countries To Work In Construction | CareerMetis.com

The construction sector is a very lucrative industry and contrary to popular belief, it has the happiest workforce. That’s thanks to the industry’s focus on fostering strong working relationships amongst colleagues and stakeholders.

In addition, the construction sector plays a pivotal role to the growth of a nation’s economy. Think of the industry as the building blocks of either a community, a culture or a business.

All the popular cities that brings in tourism, jobs and enterprise would not exist if it weren’t for the construction sector.

That’s why the sector is so important to us. If you choose to work in the construction sector, there are plenty of opportunities out there around the world.

And if you’re brilliant networker and an extremely talented individual who can bring your expertise and value to any project, then you will be in demand from right across the globe.

This article aims to share six countries where you can prosper in the construction sector. The countries mentioned in this list are in no particular order. But they should give you a brief insight into each country.

1) U.K.

6 Of The Best Countries To Work In Construction | CareerMetis.com

Source: Pexels

Despite what you hear in the news about the UK concerning Brexit and the shaky economy, the UK has a construction industry which has a future. The UK government recently announced plans to create more than 300,000 new homes over the next decade.

And thanks to the introduction of the CSCS card back in 1995, the UK is actually one of the safest construction working environments across the whole of Europe.  

The sector in the UK is in high demand for staff, whether they are construction labourers, site managers and civil engineers. The UK is definitely suffering from a skills shortage. And because of this, a lot of construction projects that have not started.

This is an excellent time for you to join the trade in the UK.

2) Canada

6 Of The Best Countries To Work In Construction | CareerMetis.com

Photo Credit- Pixabay.com

If you’ve ever been to Toronto and visit the surrounding suburbs such as Woodbridge or Brampton, then you will immediately notice that they have a lot of construction projects going on.

Some economic experts say that Canada is undergoing a housing bubble that is in a risk of bursting. But then again, there are some experts that would disagree.

Canada has many natural resources that have remained untouched and would add to their economy in the near future. And with their recent intake of immigrants, those newly built houses will definitely come into use.

It is not hard to deny that Canada is steadily on the rise, and many people are looking emigrate to this country.  

3) New Zealand  

6 Of The Best Countries To Work In Construction | CareerMetis.com

Photo Credit – Pixabay.com

New Zealand has been popular destination in attracting foreign talent. And the construction sector in this country is growing. And that’s down to two factors. The first factor is that Auckland, one of the major cities in New Zealand, has been a seeing a great deal of growth.

And the second factor is that the earthquakes which hit Christchurch in 2010 and 2011 have damaged many homes and commercial buildings. This has generated many significant construction projects, including rebuilding and development of a new infrastructure.

With the population increasing thanks to the appeal of a better quality of life New Zealand offers, it definitely worth having a look at what the Kiwi’s have to offer.  

4) Australia  

6 Of The Best Countries To Work In Construction | CareerMetis.com

Photo Credit – Pixabay.com

Not too far from the previous country mentioned in this post is Australia. Now, Australia has seen a dramatic recovery in the construction sector.

According to a report written in Business Insider, the estimated value of construction projects entering the pipeline back in July 2017 was $21.7 billion.

Australia has seen major civil engineering projects being proposed and successfully approved. In June this year, an $8 billion wind farm was proposed off the south-east coast. In August, a new airport was proposed near Koo Wee Rup (south-east of Melbourne).  

The land down under is showing a lot of promise for the construction industry, so do look out for opportunities there.

5) U.A.E.

When we think of United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), we think of the city of Dubai and the Burj Khalifa — the world’s tallest human-made skyscraper which stand at 830m. Dubai have undergone a lot of construction projects in recent years.

But that doesn’t mean the construction industry has stagnated. According to UAE’s national newspaper, Khaleej Times, the construction sector set to grow at an exponential level. With more industries investing in the U.A.E., more construction projects are set to be given the go ahead.

The U.A.E., is an Arab country but English is the standard language used for both business and education. That means you will have no difficulty in settling in.

6) Malaysia  

6 Of The Best Countries To Work In Construction | CareerMetis.com

Photo Credit -Pexel.com

The last country on this list is Malaysia. Like Dubai, there is a famous building that is associated with Malaysia and that is The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur (or KL as is affectionately called).  

With Malaysia, their country’s construction sector has gone from strength to strength. A whole host of new construction projects are currently underway.

Back in 2015, the Malaysian government announced a 5 year plan. This plans aim to improve the sector in terms of safety and professionalism, environmental sustainability, quality control and productivity. In making improvement in these areas, sector will see an improvement foreign investment and build global business ties.

Malaysia’s capital, KL, already gives us a glimpse their hyper-modern architecture and infrastructure. As well as their huge number of grand shopping centres. Just imagine when this vision is implemented throughout the country.


I am sure there are more countries that have also have a strong construction sector. But these six countries at this time of writing are the ones to look out for.

The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to identifying countries that have a strong or a booming construction sector is to look at the entire economy itself.

Since the construction sector represent the building blocks of an economy, things like foreign investment and government initiative helps spur the sector.

So keep your pulse on the latest news that is happening across the globe and do your best to build contacts as you never know where you might be in the world.

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Mayur Mistry is a freelance copywriter and blogger from Manchester, UK. He regularly contributes for The Learning Station, an online training provider, where he writes about careers advice, study tips and industry related content, in particularly the construction sector and health and social care.

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