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2020 started as a pretty shaky year. The COVID-19 quarantine makes it so that we can’t make do with real-life interviews, and personal assessments are a pretty stressful endeavour.

Some places are on lockdown, so individual evaluations, discussions, and meetings are entirely out of the question.

That is the exact reason why you should consider giving online assessment a shot. Online assessment tools have been available for quite some time and were always a relatively popular option.

Online assessment software allows teachers to quiz their students through the internet with ease while cutting down on any cheater’s chances of passing.

As stated above, online assessment software has been around for quite some time, but not all of it is created equal.

People are taking the new opportunity to advertise their online assessment software, and it’s flooding the market with weak technology.

Top 10 Online Assessment Tools For Teachers in 2020

For this purpose, we’ve decided to provide you with only the best online assessment tools for teachers in 2020, which you can find neatly listed below.

1. ProProfs Online Assessment Software

ProProfs has a long-standing history as one of the internet’s best online assessment and quiz tools. Their online assessment tool comes chock full of features that every teacher can benefit from.

Creating online assessment tests is a simple process. It allows you to import questions from a question bank, which contains over 100,000 different ready-to-use questions on various topics.

Online Assessment Tools-ProProfs Online Assessment Software

With the ProProfs online assessment software, you can pick the questions, and the type of answers you want to receive. It’s the ultimate tool for creating online quizzes, allowing you even to automate grading and scoring.

Your job as a teacher is further simplified by this feature, as the ProProfs Online Assessment Software allows you to give instant feedback and scores based on the controlled answers.

That will give your students a brand new level of insight into their online assessment, allowing you to track their performance through reports.

The reports are very detailed and allow you to view virtually every aspect of the assessment. Another thing ProProfs is renowned for is its extensive customizability.

It’s fully customizable, allowing you to create a unique quiz carefully calibrated for your specific alma mater, topic, or subject.

2. Easy LMS

Easy LMS is also a popular online assessment software, specializing in educational technology.

Their online quizzing and online assessment software are renowned for its user experience and customer support.

Not only is the software easy to use, and makes online assessment a breeze, it’s fully immersive and allows for detailed quiz creation without any prior coding knowledge.

Online Assessment Tools-Easy LMS

The online assessment creation tool comes jam-packed with a myriad of different customization features, allowing for much greater ease of use.

The Easy LMS online assessment tool is simple for both teachers and students, making for a very user-friendly experience.

The quizzes are available on all platforms and are fully optimized for phones, computers, and tablets.

What’s also exciting about this platform is its capability. It has several anti-cheating measures put in place and allows you to modify your quiz to your liking.

Any issue that you find with the software is bound to be quickly resolved by the ever active software customer support team.

3. ExamSoft

ExamSoft is a renowned online assessment software, which takes a very professional approach to the matter. Unlike the previous two additions to this list, ExamSoft is far more complex, at the price of added complications.

If you’re prepared to put in the effort and fully invest your time in online assessment creation, you can rest assured you’re going to get an excellent end product.

ExamSoft-Online Assessment Tools

ExamSoft’s power is considerable, allowing for fully customizable online assessments.

Cheating is a thing of the past, as ExamSoft has powerful randomization possibilities based on the number of questions.

With ExamSoft, you can expect nothing but the top-tier efficiency that online assessment tools have to offer.

4. Cognician

Cognician is an online e-learning platform proposed for personal development, but it also comes with useful online assessment tools.

A tool like Cognition allows for quick and straightforward quiz creation, without any prior programming or quiz-making knowledge.

Cognician-Online Assessment Tools

And the online assessment is constructed to let you reap critical data about your students. As a teacher, you should always strive to improve your efficiency and boost your students’ performance in the classroom.

With the data reports that Cognition brings to the table, you can completely modify your future exams and assessments, and influence better student performance.

Alternatively, the data garnered from these assessments will give you essential information when creating your next assessment.

5. GLIDER.ai

Glider.ai is a revolutionary new online assessment tool that allows you to create online assessments for your students or your employees.

It uses advanced machine learning and AI technology to help you get meaningful insight into your student’s or employees’ performance.

It’s a powerful tool that will help you to gather an abundance of essential data, all with a straightforward creation process.

GLIDER.ai-Online Assessment Tools

Even if it sounds complicated through the use of AI and machine learning, the actual user experience is relatively easy. The questions opportunities are abundant and are also very interactive.

All of these advanced features are completely automated, allowing you, the teacher, to effortlessly create online assessments for your students.

It has many question options, and you can pick from 40 different question types.

6. Nearpod

Nearpod is an online assessment tool with a specific focus on education, making it a superb tool for teachers.

 It’s a powerful tool that allows teachers to create detailed online assessments, without much time, effort, or prior quiz creation knowledge.

The self-titled “ed-tech tool” has quite a lot to offer. It’s not only an online quiz creation tool, as you can round up your whole educational process and lessons through it.

Nearpod-Online Assessment Tools

All educational experiences, polls, and questionnaires are all fully customizable and allow for detailed reports.

You can use these detailed reports to optimize your educational quizzing process, all through Nearpod. It allows for many quizzing and question types, but what sets it apart is its draw and optional answer features.

These features make Nearpod one of the best online assessment tools for teachers, as Nearpod is available and useful for basically every single niche of education.

Another essential thing to note about Nearpod is its active customer service, which will resolve any issue you might encounter while using their platform.

7. iSpring Suite

iSping Suite is a powerful educational online tool kit that allows educators to create a myriad of quizzes, online assessments, and tests for their students.

The potential of this software is vast, and it will enable you to create a complete and complex course in a matter of minutes.

These courses, quizzes, and questionnaires are all very expansive, as their creative potential exceeds that of many online assessment tools.


That’s another e-learning platform taking a note from Power Point’s book.

It allows users to create interactive and educational learning opportunities for their students and get some critical insight into student behaviour and performance.

Working with this toolkit is as easy as dragging and dropping things. It’s potential is vast, as you can add video narrations, conduct a screencast, and insert quizzes and polls into your educational effort.

Finishing up this process is as easy as publishing it, and uploading the published result to your LMS.

The generated reports that iSpring Suite provides you with will give you some inside knowledge about your students’ behaviour, allowing you to optimize your educational strategy even further.

It’s an ideal tool for these quarantined times.

8. PowerSchool Assessment

PowerSchool Assessment provides a myriad of educational technology solutions, which work great for teachers looking to bring their classroom to the internet.

This tool offers a multitude of online assessment opportunities and lets you thoroughly analyze the critical data you get from the assessment.

You can deliver specially calibrated content, online quizzes, and assessments, and reports to analyze any student interaction with your exam.

PowerSchool Assessment

The quiz creation tool itself is relatively simple to use and is moderately powerful when it comes to getting a proper online assessment.

Where PowerSchool Assessment shines is its analytical opportunities. The collection of the data is completely automated and filtered to get accurate data.

This data can then be thoroughly analyzed and allow teachers to further work on their assessment and quizzing.

9. CodeSignal

CodeSignal is a unique tool on this list, as it specializes as a programmer education tool. Codesignal is unique in the sense that it gives specialized programming teachers a purpose-built student assessment software.

In an age where online teaching tools are highly expensive, and when programming and software is such a vast educational prospect, a purpose-built tool is a must.


CodeSignal is an assessment platform that allows teachers to analyze and assess quizzing results and provide valuable insight.

CodeSignal has quite an extensive educational history and has been used for numerous stimulative projects at MIT.

It strives to turn the computer sciences into an exciting and interactive educational experience through the process of gamification.

Teachers can use this tool with relative ease, as stimulating real-life situations and interactive questions through customized tests.

10. ReadnQuiz

Unlike the previous addition to this list, ReadnQuiz is a much simpler online assessment software, which allows teachers to quiz their students on a variety of topics.

It’s a straightforward tool to use and get into but provides detailed reports and in-depth analysis.


The teacher can completely customize the quiz, choosing between different types of questions and answers.

With ReadnQuiz, the teacher is in complete control. And since you’re allowed to create as many questions as possible, the automatic randomization of each round of testing will significantly discourage any cheating.

It’s purposefully built to encourage kids to read and is carefully designed for classrooms with any number of designated teachers.

If your classroom age demographic is from small kids to teenagers — this software is for you.

In Conclusion

Online assessment software is readily available, and it’s vital to pick out the best tool for your specific needs. Our list covers all education niches, age demographics, and analytical levels, respectively.

Find the tool that fits your specific requirements and approach, and don’t let the quarantine stop


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