7 Best Training Options for Aspiring Electricians!

The electrical industry is immense and there is an ever growing demand of expert electricians in different fields. Electricity has great influence in on our lives and it is used everywhere.

One of the main reasons that people are moving towards electrical industry is because it offers such a varied field electrical field to work in the and there is always something that is of interest to someone.

The job of electrician is not that simple and for this reason a person has to undergo electrical training in order to become an expert electrician. So, training is important.

There are different fields in electrical industry and from this the aspiring electricians can choose any, as per his or her interest and preference.

Let’s take a brief look on the best training option for the aspiring electricians:

1. Auto Electrician

If you have interest in motorized vehicles and their repairs, auto electrician course is the best. Undergoing this training program is important to become a car electrician.

This course prepares the students for using various kinds of computer-based repair tools for correcting system malfunctions in the vehicles.

During the training period, students are taught to work with several kinds of vehicles and focus upon the engine and other systems.

Students, who want to enroll in this training course will learn basic engine management principles and rules and participate in different hands-on project for acquiring skills that are essential for successful career as a car electrician.

Areas Covered

The training program covers the following areas:

  • Basics engine management systems
  • Chassis
  • Computer-based repair systems
  • Drivetrain systems
  • Drivability systems

An auto electrician training program generally involves an apprenticeship, a highly-structured form of training program where the students obtain knowledge how to improve and expand skills. Also, they are taught about technical instruction in different specializations.

2. Commercial Electrician

7 Best Training Options for Aspiring Electricians!

A large number of aspiring electricians want to pursue their career as commercial electrician. Aspiring electricians are designed to work in the commercial sector, like warehouses, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. and generally work for the electrical companies or private organizations on different projects.

Areas Covered

The commercial electrician training program entirely stress on heavy machinery and wiring systems that are used for the commercial project.

During the training period, following areas are covered:

  • Electrical service repairs and upgrades
  • Installation and repair of fire detection systems
  • Installation and repair of several circuit and electrical system types
  • Installation and repair of surveillance systems
  • Installation and repair of audio and video wiring systems
  • Troubleshooting, wire and test of motors, generators and transformers
  • Troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of voltage systems

At the time of providing training, big attention is given to hands-on study cases that include usage of particular craft equipment and tools, such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, PVC bender boxes, hydraulic and electric conduit benders, ladders, wire benders, etc.

Also, lessons are taught to acquire computer skills, capability to work with software programs used for blueprint reading, cost estimation, etc. Currently, these skills are important for successful career in specific craft.

3. Industrial Electrician

7 Best Training Options for Aspiring Electricians!

Individuals who have joined an industrial electrician program will learn how to install, test, repair, maintain and troubleshoot different types of electrical appliance in various settings during their training.

The technicians work usually in an industrial set-up with bulk appliances, like electrical cabinets, generators, manufacturing machines and other high-voltage appliance.

Training program is intended to teach blueprint reading for performing industrial electrician work, specialized and advanced techniques for installing, repairing, troubleshooting, replacing and upgrading various kinds of electrical systems and circuits.

Areas Covered:

If you are thinking to enroll in this program, you will be taught with the following areas in training:

  • Understanding of industrial building blueprints
  • Interpreting electrical schematics
  • Testing and troubleshooting motor controls
  • Performing system installation and upgrades on electrical circuits and systems
  • Advanced awareness of Variable Frequency Drives used for motors
  • Advanced information of PLC Centers and PLC Diagrams
  • Advanced knowledge of motors and moto starters must be gained
  • Repairing and replacing electrical circuits

Also, an industrial electrical training program involves many elective requirements.

Students will need to supplement their educational career and also end up electrical seminar and internship program. Some of the few electives are:

  • Alternative small energy systems
  • Digital fundamentals
  • College Physics
  • Instrumentation Fundamentals
  • Preventive maintenance

On the successful completion of this training program, you will succeed in your career, comprising the accessibility for getting qualified for the highest paying salaried in the industrial field.

4. Construction and Maintenance

7 Best Training Options for Aspiring Electricians!

There are many proficient electricians that work both as construction and maintenance electrician instantaneously. Though, professionals decide to specialize only in the one, amongst the two.

5. Maintenance Electrician

The main task of maintenance electricians is to secure that all the electrical system in the building is in good working order, hence, the ultimate responsibility relies not only on electrical appliance repair, but also for its upgrade if compulsory.

For example, in factories you must be accountable for keeping all the machinery and equipment to run smoothly. In large offices or hospital buildings, you will be responsible for keeping all the machinery and equipment running efficiently.

Electricians that work in mining industries or public amenities assure that the generators provide reliable and constant flow of electricity.

In the training period, you will be equipped with blueprints, drawings or circuit schematics to plan work and do the repairs. Also, you will learn how to use the tools (wire cutters, screwdrivers, conduit benders, knives, drills and testing appliances) for executing the work.

6. Construction Electrician

During the process of training, electricians are taught how to assemble, plan, install, design, repair, alter, inspect, connect, verify, maintain, operate and decommission the electrical systems.

These electrical systems provide lighting, security, power, communication, alarm and control in the commercial, residential, industrial, institutional, marine, transportation and entertainment environments.

Both the construction and maintenance go through proper electrical training; however it is believed that the job of maintenance electrician is more secure.

7. Residential Electrician

7 Best Training Options for Aspiring Electricians!

Electrician in the specific niche is accountable for the construction of electrical system in a house. The required training and the course of material are very much same to the ones that commercial must go through.

You will be competent in following areas:

  • Knowledge of basic hand tools and drill sets
  • The ability to understand and read residential blue prints
  • Knowledge of basic residential wiring techniques
  • Understands the National Electric Code pertaining to residential construction
  • Works well with the contractors and other craftsman

Final Words

Training and learning is an ongoing expedition. The aspiring electricians who have no experience in this electrical field can opt for any of the above mentioned Electrical Training Program.  

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