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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is crucial as it determines whether your web content will get to your target audience. It explains why you should not just concentrate on choosing a website builder that makes the process of creating a new website easy. You need the website builders for SEO to improve your visibility in the search engine. 

The best web hosting and website builder will support you to climb up in the search results. This article will show the features of the best website builders for SEO. It will explore the SEO credentials of each builder and the features you need to look at as you build a website builder. At the end of the article, you will have a clear picture of the website builder that is best for you.

Top 5 Website Builders for SEO

We cannot assume that everyone who is reading this article has some knowledge about SEO. Knowledge is crucial as it will help you understand what you can expect from top website builders for SEO. 

SEO refers to how your web content improves the possibilities of appearing in search engine results of websites like Bing, Google, and DuckDuckGo. The primary goal of search engines is to connect its users with high quality and relevant information. SEO refers to the procedure of marking the boxes to make sure that the search engine knows how to get to your website. 

There are several things that factor into SEO. The first one is the meta description and meta titles. This refers to the summary and title of your website that the Google search results show. We have the URL structure which is a short page URL that has relevant wording. 

Next is the image alt text that refers to the explanatory text that appears in the place of an image on your website if the image does not load. You also need backlinks which are external links bac to your site that will add credibility to your content. 

The other important SEO element is mobile usability and site speed. These factors determine whether you will have a positive or negative user experience on your website. Last, we have structured data which is a standardized way to format code that search engine crawlers can understand with a lot of ease. 

Your website should address all the above things and many more. Any website builder that does not have strong SEO is not worth your money and tine. Top website builders for SEO will keep up with the trends and ease the implementation. 

These builders are also very user-friendly (depending on the skill levels of the customer). There is no need to worry if you are still learning about SEO. There are builders in the market that will give you maximum support through this process. Here are some examples of the best website builders that are SEO friendly. 

1. Wix

Wix homepage

Wix is a website builder that is a perfect choice for absolute beginners. Even though most websites are good at creating incredible websites, some of them are not SEO friendly. However, this is not the case when it comes to Wix. 

This builder has improved the SEO game in the past few years to the extent where it has become the market leader. The game of SEO is a long term one and hence you need a platform that will assist you to keep on top of everything. 

If you are still learning the ropes of SEO, Wix is among the best builders to use. It has an SEO Wiz that walks users through all the essentials step by step, gives suggestions of improvement, and helps you in setting goals. The Wix SEO Wix will ask you a few questions concerning your website and use that information to help you design an effective SEO plan. 

With Wix, you don’t need any coding knowledge. SEO is built right in the dashboard of Wix from 301 redirects to meta titles. All pages have dedicated SEO settings and all the images that you upload has an input for alt text. This is how search engines do understand images. 

The other strength of Wix is the Google Integration that comes with it. Web analytics tools are crucial in understanding the traffic of your website and the gold standard is Google. To connect Wix sites to Google Search Console and Google Analytics, you simply need to enter your tracking ID. 

In some cases, SEO is more straightforward than you think. Wix makes the upkeep of your website easy and will help you to tell each time you are falling short. In the last few years, Wix has implemented several SEO features. 

It also has one of the most comprehensive help centers in the market. If you are not using Wix as your website builder, it is just good to go through its SEO guide. The documentation of Wix is easy to navigate, thorough, and clear. Wix resources are valuable even if you don’t wind using this website builder.

The trade-off with the in-house functionality and ease of use of Wix is that it falters when it comes to the more advanced SEO techniques. Structured data is becoming increasingly crucial to SEO. This gives search engines highly relevant and additional information about the website. If you need to add any to Wix, you need to do so manually and there is no need for coding. 

One thing about Wix is that it understands that its users are not techies. Therefore, it superbly balances control with usability. Apart from making SEO simple, this builder also teaches users the basics if you are not sure about the meaning of something. Wix is a prime option if you are looking for a supportive and comprehensive SEO experience.  

2. Weebly 

Weebly homepage

Alt text, custom URLs, and Meta descriptions and titles all form part of the page editor. Search Console integration and Google Analytics is as simple as entering your tracking ID. It has a mobile editor that will make sure that your website runs well and looks good on all your devices. This feature is increasingly important to your SEO efforts. 

Weebly has a very strong plugin library. The App Center has so many SEO-focused plugins. An example is the site builder that allows your website to appear in Google Maps. To sum it all, Weebly has an easy to use and thorough SEO. 

An odd omission in Weebly is that it doesn’t allow users to customize the alt text on the product images. Weebly has also been out of the list when trying to build an online selling platform. However, at the moment, Weebly is evolving towards eCommerce. It is now shaping up to become a strong hybrid for a dedicated retail platform and general-purpose website builder.  

The same case applies to Weebly’s SEO that has a footing in both camps. From Custom product URLs to page titles, Weebly has an excellent SEO balance for the requirements of small businesses. 

3. Squarespace 

Squarespace homepage

Squarespace is the dark, handsome, and tall enigma in the world of website builders. It has well-integrated and sophisticated SEO features but it will not hold your hand like Weebly and Wix. If you are familiar with SEO basics and need more backend control, Squarespace will be the best website builder for you. 

Squarespace comes with an almost CMS-like backend and is highly organized. It makes staying top on SEO easy as long as you know the best practices. The dashboard also offers an explanation or odd prompt but not in the same tour-guided manner as its peers. However, if you need some assistance, Squarespace has an SEO checklist and a guide on how to improve the search engine visibility of your website. All in all, you will get a more controllable and casual experience. 

Even though alt text and meta titles are not the only things you look at in SEO, they are not the only elements to consider. You will also need links to your website and the social media integration of Squarespace is second to no other. Besides, a multichannel and vibrant online presence does wonders for your SEO. Search engines just trust the websites that other sites trust and that is it. 

However, Squarespace can be a bit fiddly depending on the template that you are using. A few of them will display the alt text on the website but this should not be the case. To sum it up. Squarespace has some of the best SEO features among the other website builders. It is among the sophisticated class in website builders. You can give the free trial if it sounds like this is your vibe.

4. GoDaddy 

GoDaddy homepage

To be honest, SEO features are non-existent on the cheapest plan of GoDaddy.  However, once you upgrade to the next tier, you will report a high increase on SEO capabilities like suggestions of targeted keywords from the GoDaddy team. 

Over time, you can track your search ranking to check how the suggestions of GoDaddy have improved your ranking in the search engine. You can view the progress of your website at any time through the account dashboard. 

The ‘SEO Wizard’ tool is the standout feature of GoDaddy. This wizard will ask you a few questions about your website and give you suggestions for targeted keywords that will help in optimizing your pages. To take your optimization efforts a step higher, you will get free consultations from GoDaddy’s SEO team over the phone. The team will ask you about your blogging/business goals and your budget. 

The SEO Services of GoDaddy will cost you a small monthly fee. You will basically be paying the SEO team to research your target market and conduct a site audit. Using this information, the team will make SEO updates regularly to boost your website in the search results. There is very little work you will do as a user because the team from GoDaddy takes the reins fully. 

The cost of SEO services is honestly cheap when you compare it with the work that the team does. If you use this service, it will bring so many SEO benefits your way. All you need to do is choose the right plan for you and then allow on-site optimization. Close to 80% of GoDaddy customers get to the first page results within the first six months. 

5. WordPress

WordPress homepage

Apart from WordPress being the best web hosting service, it also does a great job if you are looking for a reliable website builder. WordPress will take care of approximately 80 to 90% of your basic SEO mechanics. The themes of WordPress are designed to be appealing to the search engine. Most of the HTML is formatted with the search engine crawlers in mind. However, if you would like to involve yourself in the SEO of your website more, you also have a few available options. 

WordPress has various pricing plans and the volume of SEO features you get access depends on the plan that you choose. The personal and free plans give you basics when it comes to SEO. This is sufficient for personal websites but if you would like to scale, you can go for the premium or business plan. 

The premium plan has Google Analytics integration but you will not get the advanced SEO tools until you will upgrade to the Business plan. Once you upgrade, you will get access to your sites’ social and search previews, custom title formats, custom post meta description, and front-page meta description. 

WordPress.com is a great choice if you know your SEO and would like to get involved in the process. To get hands-on. You will have to sacrifice some ease of use. WordPress is not as intuitive as other builders such as Weebly and Wix. 


Search engine optimization is a critical element to the success of your website. Therefore, as you choose your website builder, SEO functionality is one of the most important considerations. Most people look for the best web hosting for SEO but forget to do the same for web builders.

If you are looking for the best website builders for SEO that is easy to use and feature-rich, you can either choose Weebly or Wix. The other great options are GoDaddy, Weebly, and Wix. The most important thing is to have a highly optimized website that will rank highly in the search engine. 

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