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While the pandemic seems to wear off only mildly and the European Commission only starts cautiously lifting borders and travel limitations, the need for multilingual translators (translation services) is still expected to grow rapidly within this decade.

Despite the global social distancing and the dramatic decline it brought to interpersonal communication, communication in the digital space seems to thrive as more and more businesses widely switch to virtual conferencing. This particularly and primarily concerns international B2B communication, which inevitably involves documentation and in turn, stimulates a considerable demand for interpreters in the nearest future.

Perhaps, the first ones in line appear to be the medical translators. During the harsh times of the coronavirus pandemic, freelance language specialists particularly focused on healthcare became a popular profession.

While this plainly demonstrates the rise of translation jobs, the freelancers will probably be exposed to a problem of the great choice, as a number of companies will certainly hire hundreds and thousands of new talents. So, if you feel like being a great interpreter searching for additional cash or planning to become one, go ahead and apply to the world’s best translation companies.

15 Best Picks for Professional Freelance Translators in 2020

To help professional freelance translators with finding the job that would suit them the best, there is a multitude of translation companies presenting their services for a number of purposes. Those vary from plain translations into complex languages or specific technical translations to legally certified translations for big and small business affairs.

Based on five major criteria, the required accuracy of the translation, how fast the translation has to be made, compensation, customer satisfaction, and returning rate, and the need for certified professionals, the following list will help you find the best translation website offering a job for a freelance language specialist.

1. TheWordPoint

thewordpoint homepage

Offering only top translation services for their customers, TheWordPoint can definitely provide a job for nearly any freelance interpreter. With the prices corresponding with the quality, the company will fairly pay for the job done in any language, from Spanish to Afrikaans, and in any area of expertise, from business and finance to healthcare and medicine or even any other professional sphere the customers can choose.

The company will definitely suit the freelancers who are ready for challenges, take their time management seriously, and possess a multitude of skills. If you do value your work highly indeed, you will be expected to demonstrate all those skills and perform at the top of your abilities. 

2. Gengo

Gengo homepage

Being somewhat smaller than TheWordPoint, Gengo can be a potential employer for those interpreters specializing in French, Japanese, Arabic, and Chinese. Offering a quality-over-all strategy, Gengo would regularly offer the freelancers the work that isn’t necessarily urgent.

Yet, you will still have to demonstrate your top skills and considerable time management as all work has to be done extremely well, with no traces of machine translation, all-natural phrasing, and, of course, error-free. In return, Gengo will offer its interpreters a rather fair compensation, considering their relatively «exotic» language focus.

3. DayTranslations

DayTranslations homepage

Perhaps, one of the largest in the industry, DayTranslations will certainly provide any kind of job to any kind of interpreter. The company offers a vast variety of languages and professional areas for translation, boasting a corresponding number of specialists. You will be able to work with nearly any translation job, from websites localization to legal, technical, and medical documents.

Those who admire unconventional and creative jobs can choose from audio transcripts, video interviews, and phone calls interpretation jobs. While the prices offered are somewhat lower than with the previous two companies, the company offers work in larger volumes, hence, still offering a decent compensation in the end. 

4. One-Planet

One-Planet homepage

The company appears to be rather straightforward regarding its service to the customers, in a good sense, hence, the freelance translators can expect perhaps similar treatment. One-Planet will be interesting to those interpreters who like diverse work and are tech-savvy as the company specializes in such areas as translation and interpretation, as well as localization or websites and apps.

In addition, the company could be great for beginners or if you study the second or third language and would like to try some practice. Offering services and, accordingly, jobs at lower compensation, the company will provide editing work, with the freelancer tasked to make sure that the machine-translated text sounds and flows naturally.

5. InWhatLanguage


Similarly to some of the previous potential employers, InWhatLanguage will have a vast variety of jobs for you to offer. The company literally covers everything, from the written translations of business or legal documents, to interpretations of phone or video interviews and voice-overs.

Like with One-Planet, the beginners will also find themselves a suitable job as iWL offers editing machine-translated works as well. Finally, despite some relatively lower prices, the company works with larger volumes, with the customers being able to order only a particular minimum amount, which in turn ensures fair compensation.

6. Stepes

Stepes homepage

Being one of those companies covering as much as possible, Stepes can offer a fairly paid job to nearly any language specialist. Covering over 100 languages, the company focuses, mostly on written translations, covering such tasks as website and video games localization.

Yet, being loyal to their customers and highly devoted to the quality of their work, Stepes works with professionals only, hence, the job might still be challenging and interesting. As a bonus feature, the interpreters working with the company can contribute to it on a bigger scale, with Stepes offering its own peer-to-peer translation apps that can be updated by the freelance translators.

7. GTS Translation Services

GTSTranslations homepage

Being one of the older companies in the industry, with its history spanning for about 20 years, GTSTranslations can definitely be trusted not only by the customers but also by the freelance interpreters working with the company.

The company would offer rather conventional jobs to their translators, covering mostly document translation on a vast array of areas, from business to healthcare and computer science. Despite being rather demanding deadline-wise, the company also allows and even offers machine-translated editing tasks. All of this means that a freelance interpreter of basically any level can find some fairly rewarded and relatively interesting work.

8. Tomedes

Tomedes homepage

Not being the biggest or the oldest company in the industry, Tomedes is known for its fantastic support and diversity of the tasks that can be performed. Apparently, the company manages to cover a wide range of services, which means that you will certainly find a job with them even if you don’t really want to!

In addition to covering nearly every possible format of work, from documents to voice-overs and subtitles, the company already covers about 100 languages. Another big plus of this company is that whenever you have any questions, be sure that they will be addressed instantly, thanks to the company’s prompt and efficient support team. So, whatever language you are feeling well with or still study, Tomedes would be a great employer for you.

9. TransPerfect

TransPerfect homepage

Like many of the previous employers, TransPerfect covers a huge multitude of services, some of which the enthusiastic freelancers will find most suitable for themselves. If you feel like working with website and video games localization, tests, dubbed scripts or resumes, you will be most welcome in TransPerfect’s team of over 5,000 freelancers, most of which are native speakers.

Moreover, just as some companies overviewed above, TransPerfect offers its customers a minimum order amount, hence, most jobs will certainly be well-paid. Hence, even if you only start your interpreter career, or learn the second language from which you feel like you can translate, TransPerfect would be a great start for you!

10. JR Language

JR Language homepage

Although the company attempts to cover as many languages as possible and can boast at least 100 languages, the main focus of JR Language is placed on Spanish to English translations (and vice versa, of course). One of the company’s pleasant peculiarities is its generous reward practice. You will likely earn a lot per page of translation, however, you will have to mind the deadline. Only those who manage their time and cannot stand lateness in any form will be rewarded greatly!

11. OneHourTranslation

OneHourTranslation homepage

Being one of the most reputable translation companies on the market, OHT will likely offer its freelancers fairly high compensation and will not require you to be a highly certified professional.

However, you will have to put some serious effort into your work as the company values the quality of translation and timely delivery over everything. The company works mostly with big world businesses, many of which are legal, financial, and technology firms, so if you feel confident in those areas, you will certainly enjoy working for OneHourTranslation.

12. Translated

Translated homepage

Being one of the companies providing certified services, Translated will gladly offer the work for licensed professionals. While the company offers mostly average market prices, they will likely provide you with the work on a constant basis, as visa and other document translations are required regardless of the time of the year, the overall financial situation around the world, or global shifts in technology or business practice. If you have proper training, ready for a steadily high workload, Translated will be a great choice for you.

13. DynamicLanguage

DynamicLanguage homepage

Being one of the oldest companies in the industry with its history spanning for about 30 years, DynamicLanguage managed to create and maintain a very big database of freelance interpreters. Aside from the traditional written translation, the company works with voice-overs, localization, transcription, cultural consulting, e-learning, and more.

What is more is that DynamicLanguage has perhaps one of the widest arrays of language variety, covering over 150 languages and dialects. So, if you specialize, for instance, in Pinghua Chinese or are a native speaker, you will be most welcomed and fairly rewarded in DynamicLanguage.

14. StrakerTranslations

StrakerTranslations homepage

This company perhaps is one of those few that manages to hold the market’s average position throughout many years (in a good sense, of course) and preserve its reputation as an optimal choice when thinking about price and quality of service and translation. While offering their customers prices somewhat higher than the market average, freelance translators can expect similar compensation for their work.

Moreover, the company appears to apply a «better safe than sorry» approach and focuses mostly on hiring business translators in a wide variety of languages. So, if you feel like you need some spare cash done over a weekend, you can certainly rely on such an employer as StrakerTranslations.

15. Ulatus

Ulatus homepage

Last, but not the least, Ulatus is a truly professional translation company constantly searching for licensed interpreters. In return, the company will offer you highly demanded jobs, such as CV and resume translations, official technical and medical documents interpretation, and many more. Being a licensed specialist with the company employing over 3,000 similar professionals, you will certainly be fairly rewarded.

This list is, of course, not limited to those companies and there are many more to consider. Yet, the idea is that working as a freelance translator certainly cannot be bad, considering that such a profession is one of potentially the best choices in 2020. There is enough work online for language specialists at any level.

If you possess enough skill to read a book in another language, you will certainly be able to translate a paper or a document into that language. Yet, in case if you feel like you’re not that strong in translating into another language, you can always try to translate from another language.

Localization services become more and more demanded on the market nowadays and are extremely flexible regarding the potential market. Many translation companies search for local language specialists to adjust all kinds of content, from resume to software code, to the language of your country. So, take a look around, the opportunities are limitless!

Good Times and a Perfect Opportunity for Interpreters

It is very clear that despite the pandemic, the workforce is still needed, in rather a great volume, with a similarly large number of companies to choose from. The list provided above is only a tip of the iceberg and you can search for more companies if you would like, but those presented here are some of the best and are constantly in search of talents.

Whether you are a beginning interpreter, a serious certified professional with a number of languages behind your back, or just thinking about starting an interpreter career, be sure, you will be needed. So, if you feel like working with language and translation from home until the end of pandemic and further, go ahead and apply! The companies are many and the opportunities are limitless.

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