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Productivity is a key discipline if you want to build a successful career and one of the best ways to boost your productivity in the long-run is through biohacking. The term refers to the process of making positive changes in your life to effect deep and lasting change in your body’s biology.

The infographic provided by Addys Mayers that we’re featuring will guide you through these important areas and will help you focus on the changes that you can make to improve productivity.

Biohacking can be divided into five key areas: brain care, body care, nutrition, supplements and drugs, and sleep.

Brain Care

It is possible to train your brain to become more productive. Top tips for improving your brain’s performance include practicing gratitude and forgiveness, creating productive habits easily (there are some great tools that can help with this), using custom music apps to increase your concentration span, and meditating.

A powerful investment in your brain is the Neurofeedback program, a process that teaches participants how to self-regulate their brain function.

Body Care

There are many studies that highlight the importance of exercise for boosting writing productivity, two of the top choices are regular walks, and aerobic exercise. A popular trend that is spreading through workplaces across the world is the use of standing desks which encourages movement throughout the day.  


You get out what you put in. Taking simple steps to prevent sugar spikes and dips, and eating foods to align with sleep routines can quickly improve productivity. Starting the day with a bulletproof coffee, excluding refined sugars and saturated fats, eating smart foods and drinking high-quality water is an excellent start to nutrition biohacking. Intermittent fasting is also another practice that can be integrated into a weekly schedule.

Supplements and Drugs

There are a number of drugs and supplements that have been linked to jumpstarting the brain and improving writing productivity. Evidence-based options include Lithium, CILTEP, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Krill oil.

The best option is to get a personalized assessment that will identify what your body is lacking. A personalized evaluation will test vitamin, mineral, and hormone levels, as well as genetic markers which will allow your doctor to develop a personalized drug and supplement schedule.


The importance of sleep cannot be overestimated with statistics showing that sleep deprivation costs the American economy over 400 billion dollars per year.

Adults need between 7 and 9 hours per night for peak productivity. There are several practical ways to boost the quality and quantity of your sleep, including using blackout curtains and a sleep mask, following a sleep schedule, blocking blue light, controlling the temperature of your room, meditating before sleep and downloading a sleep app to track your sleep habits.

As we strive for that elusive work-life balance, having practical biohacking tools to make the most of ‘life’ time means that you will have a more productive, happier ‘work’ time too. 

25 BioHacks to Improve Writing Productivity (Infographic)

Infographic Source -copycrafter.net



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