Redundancy affects employees across the world and can be a deeply distressing experience. However it is possible to turn the situation around to a positive and open yourself up to new opportunities.

CV writing service StandOut CV have provided this visual advice piece showing 5 steps to bouncing back from redundancy and emerging unscathed.

Once you have learned of your redundancy, the first step is to ensure that you know exactly what you will entitled to in the lead up to your departure.

Have a meeting with your line manager and look to confirm your notice period, redundancy package and any support to be provided.

Do some research online and learn your current value in the marketplace by finding out which companies are hiring, which of your skills are in demand and what sort of remuneration you can expect.

Update your CV (Resume) with the experience gained from your current role and be sure to make your most in-demand attributes prominent to the reader.

Promote yourself actively in the job market by uploading your CV to CV databases, applying for jobs regularly and networking on LinkedIn.

When it comes to interview stage, preparation is key so practice answering common questions and pitching your skills.

Bounce Back from Redundancy in 5 Steps

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Andrew Fennell is an experienced recruiter, founder of London CV writing service StandOut CV and author of The Ultimate CV Writing Guide .

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