Seasonal work is something that many people do on a temporary basis. They might do it while traveling, as students, or during periods when they can’t find other work.

However, for other people, it can become more of a long term thing. They might want to take seasonal jobs but try to build their career too. This can be tough when a contract might only last you six months. How can you progress if you have to keep changing your job?

Luckily, seasonal workers, temporary employees, and contractors have a lot of flexibility. You can still grow your experience climb the career ladder.

1. Be Willing to Go Where the Work Is

The first rule of working temporary jobs is to go where the work is. If you take seasonal jobs, this can mean traveling the world. For example, you might spend half the year in the Northern Hemisphere and half below the equator. There might be places where you can find work all year.

However, if you can travel, you can probably go to the locations where there is more work available. More work means more choice. So you can find positions with higher pay or training opportunities.

Another important thing to remember is to save your money while you’re working for the times when you’re not.

2. Spend Your Downtime Developing Skills

You won’t always work every day of the year. You could have a couple of months when you’re waiting for the working season to start somewhere. During this time, you can find ways to develop your skills. You could be working on many different skills that could be beneficial to you. You could even consider expanding your expertise.

For example, perhaps in the summer, you’re a watersports instructor, but you’re also a keen skier. You could consider looking into ski instructor courses so that you could teach skiing in the winter and watersports in the summer.

3. Take on Responsibility While Working

You’ve been doing the same sort of thing for a couple of years now, and you want to progress. Your next job could be further up the career ladder if you can show you have experience. To get it, you’re going to have to take more responsibility in your current job.

Sometimes this will happen naturally, and your superiors will start asking you to do things. However, you might have to ask if you can help out more or perhaps shadow someone else.

4. Set Up Your Own Business

The ultimate way to make a career for yourself in seasonal work is to take complete control. Instead of taking temporary jobs from other companies, you could create your own. This could involve a number of different things.

For example, you could become a private instructor in the sport you teach. If you work on cruise ships, perhaps you could get the money together for a small yacht you can hire out. A summer camp worker could think about creating their own camp.

Working in temporary jobs doesn’t have to stop you building a career for yourself. You just have to get creative and make a plan.

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