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I guess you are quite aware. It’s one of the most sought after skills. According to LinkedIn 2015 and 2016 top skills survey, search engine optimization remains one of the top 10 skills employers sought after.

And I guess that’s why you reading this article, to learn how you can build a career as an SEO specialist. 

If you are like everyone else, you most likely would have tumbled upon SEO as a job.

That was exactly the same thing that happened to me.

Reading up an ebook one day on digital marketing, I was fascinated by the subdivision of SEO and since then, I have carefully grown my career in the industry.

I have worked in different companies as their SEO specialist and now as the lead SEO for my present company.

So today, I’m going to share how I have been able to grow and all the things you need to know if you considering a career in that field. I will also share some likely interview questions you should know when you are attending a job interview for an SEO specialist.

But first,

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization as it is been called is the process of optimizing a website so that it appears for keywords that are important to the business.

I will not bore you with too many details. There are lots of places you can pick up the bare essentials of SEO. 

Now that we know what SEO is all about, let us look at all the things you need to do if you considering a career in SEO or you simply are looking for how to improve your career. 

How to Build Your Career as an SEO Specialist 

1. Have Good Communication Skills

Even though 90% of what you are going to be doing is behind a computer, you still need to be able to communicate your job, your achievement, and your challenges.

This is because you are going to be:

  • Emailing people through outreach
  • Fighting for campaign budget with C level executive
  • Getting involved in building relationships.

So you need to be able to pass your ideas across.

2. Identify Your Strength

Even though it looks there a single discipline, there are tons of areas you can specialize if you are in the industry.

Eg, you may want to be a link builder, you may want to a specialist in outreach or you may want to a specialist in prospecting. 

Once you know what you love doing? Spend more time getting better at it. This does not mean you should not spend time improving your weaknesses. Hardly have I seen an SEO who doesn’t know how to do almost all the moving part of the SEO process but as you grow and probably join a bigger team, your strength will set you apart.

3. Gain Experience

Except you want to start as an intern, nobody is going to employ you if you do not have some level of experience.

So how do you gain experience if you are new to the industry?


Be your own first client. Set up a blog and grow it using all the techniques you are learning.

4. Have Passion

Skills are important but passion will make you stand before Kings. You have to be passionate about the industry.

Search Engine Optimization-SEO specialist

5. Read Wide

Read wide, consult far and learn fast. Luckily, there are tons of materials available everywhere on the net and there are places you can take free training.

What you should avoid doing is becoming a text bookcase. Don’t just read. Practice what you read and learn from your mistakes or success. 

Now that you know everything you need to know, the next thing is to prepare yourself for your next job interview.

There are tons of things you should do when preparing for your interview and you can find answers to a lot of those questions here.

But what I will like to leave you with is a series of SEO interview questions you are likely to come across during your job hunt.

You must likely be asked all of this at the same interview depending on the skill depth your potential company is looking for but it’s good to use them to prepare.

BONUS – Top SEO Specialist Interview Questions

  1. What is a robots file and what is it used for? 
  2. What is https?
  3. Which factor do you think is the most important on-page SEO factor?
  4. Relevance or authority in link building. Which would you consider when building links?
  5. Consider yourself hired, which social media platform would you recommend for us and why?
  6. What is PPC?
  7. Which factors influence the open rate?
  8. What is the bounce rate and what is the most acceptable bounce rate factor?
  9. A website was recently launched. No marketing campaign has been done yet when you look at Google analytics, you find out that the website is getting traffic. What could be the cause?
  10. How do you prevent search engines from crawling a web page?
  11. Your manager called you and told you traffic to the website has dropped by over 70% overnight. What would you do?
  12. Tell us about a campaign you ran and why you think the campaign was successful?
  13. What is growth hacking? B- Suppose you were tasked with growing a brand new website. How would you proceed?
  14. What is Google Search console and what is it used for?
  15. You have access to our analytics. You found out a certain page has. A bounce rate of 70% and a CTR of 1.5% and the page converts at 2%. How would you go about fixing it?


SEO as a career is one of the skills that are not likely to disappear anytime soon. As look as search engines exist and people are looking for information online, our job role will continue to exist.

To a wonderful career!

Written By
Victoria Adenikemi is the founder of JobsDuck, a leading publisher of jobs in Nigeria and career advice with a passion for cooking, traveling and chess games.

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