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How to Build a Successful Career by Building your Personality | CareerMetis.com

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When we talk about building successful careers, we normally indulge in topics that have been done to death. The same run of the mill advice like going along with your passion, taking initiative,  setting goals, educational development among others continue to be thrown at us all the time but are these guidelines enough to guarantee success in your life as an individual?

Probably yes, but that doesn’t mean they are the only things that you have to do in order to become successful. There are a lot of other things that weigh a lot more on the scale of your career more than just taking initiatives.

When we talk about career development and success, we forget the assess the impact of the personality on your chances to make it big while it is the single most important factor in determining where you end up in your life and your career as an individual.

Credibility, trust, and adaptability, these words are not just relevant to be associated with businesses but they are equally synonymous with success for the individual as well.

Personality development is highly important for female tech geeks looking to make formidable careers for themselves. Here are some great ways to build a successful career by making a paradigm shift in your personality!

1) Brand Yourself as an Individual

Nothing can undermine the importance of personal branding in today’s world where competition is getting fiercer every single day. When you begin your career, you are delving into the world not only as an employee, freelancer or entrepreneur, you are entering into it as a personal brand which needs to stand out so that it can get noticed in the same manner that business do.

Spike up social media presence by updating your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles according to your personal inclinations on a consistent basis. Employers and other people out there now judge you by the strength of your branding than on your resume.

Starting a blog, joining communities or even just posting relevant stuff would immensely help your cause and make people believe that you are really passionate about what you want to do.

2) Spike Up Your Present-ability

 Gone are the days that workplaces were mundane and were strictly formalized. The current times require for a chic and sleek wardrobe that makes you stand out and look in line with current fashion trends.

The whole idea behind the geeky costumes that techies were supposed to wear was to make them look engrossed in their work that they didn’t care about how they looked to other people. Yes, it worked back then, but it won’t make the cut now.

A cool cropped top coupled with a pair of skinned jeans would add immense oomph and the WoW factor to your personality getting those eyeballs rolling cementing your place as much as a fashionista rather than wearing a dull loose black shirt with hair tied back in a plait.

Appearances can work wonders for your career.

3) Build Sustainable Social Networks

According to a study, nearly 41% of people get their jobs through great networking, taking an immense lead over other forms of securing an employment opportunity. When you have decided on a field of interest, then work as passionately at building a network for yourself in that sector as much as you do hone your skills.

When we talk about referrals, we mean people and its great to get a job through an acquaintance referring you to his/her previous company, this makes the process much faster. When developing a network, take care that you selectively choose people that hold sway or are experts in the field, starters like you come second, while interest groups come third and that makes the sturdiest chain possible in your climb up the ladder.

Communicate frequently and do not make a contact dormant after it has been formed, remain in contact even if you can do it intermittently, but don’t let it slip away.

People who don’t like to network can seriously affect their chances of not securing a great job and progressing it but being made to deal with problems like financial security, defaulted student loans, falling credit scores and others which can make it immensely difficult for you to make up for in the latter years of your life.

Your career depends on your social skills much more than it does on your technical skills, make the most out of this advice to have an immensely successful career and a happy life.  

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