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When you start your job-seeking journey, you already go through it over your head before it even happens: which companies you will apply to, what clothes you are going to wear for your interview and what your resume will contain, and how you want it to look like. 

So, you hop on to one of the many choices for resume builders on the internet to find out that while you can customize what you put in your resume, you cannot fully customize how it looks like because the templates they offer do not give much flexibility. 

If you have experienced this or currently feeling this way, then Cake Resume might be the right resume builder for you. This resume builder’s main difference from others in the market is that it has a “fully customizable” deck that should guide you on what to do and give you the freedom to make it your own. 

This extensive (and unbiased) Cake Resume Resume Builder Review will discuss the experience of creating a resume using their website, support options, reviews, and other information about the website.

Let’s get started.

About Cake Resume Resume Builder

Cake Resume was established in 2016. It aims to help job seekers display their full potential to their employers. Their mission was to create an accessible and free resume builder for users to “highly customized“. After four years in the industry, the resume builder grew to more than 50 professional templates with more than 500 real resume examples. 

CakeResume also said that not only does it try to provide the best service to job seekers, it also devotes time and effort to helping companies hire the right talent. With more than 500,000 resumes in various fields, including software engineers, designers, marketing talents, etc.

Cake Resume grew to provide free job-posting service, recruitment of senior engineers, and professional headhunting consultations.

Setting Up Your Cake Resume Account 

Unlike other resume builders, Cake Resume requires you to account with them first before allowing you to go through the resume-building process. 

To set up your account, go to Cake Resume’s website. From the main page, click the “Sign In” button in the upper right corner. It will direct you to a signup page to assign an email address for your Cake Resume account and put in a password. You can also sign in via Facebook, Google, or Twitter

Cake Resume Sign Up Form

Cake Resume Sign in Page

You can also click the “Try It Now” button on the main page. It will open the sign-in prompt for you to fill in. 

Building Your Resume on Cake Resume

Once you have completed the sign-in, click “Get Started”.

Getting Started with Cake Resume

Cake Resume will ask you to upload an old resume that you want to use or update. 

Cake Resume Upload Old Resume

To upload your old resume, click the “Upload your PDF Resume or CV” on the gray box. Cake Resume only accepts PDF versions. Once you have uploaded your old resume, you will be directed to the part where you need to fill out information for your resume. 

Cake Resume PDF Version

The forms will already be pre-filled out from the information in your old resume. You can confirm your information or edit information as you go along. 

If you wish to start from scratch, just click “Skip for Now“. 

Cake Resume Skip for Now

Next, Cake Resume will ask you to link your information from Linkedin. You can download your data from Linkedin by clicking the “Open Your Linkedin Profile” button and saving your profile in a PDF version. Then you should upload this PDF to the box next to it, under Step 2

Cake Resume Import From Your Linkedin Profile

Cake Resume Linkedin Profile Step 2

Cake Resume Linkedin Profile Step 3

You can also opt to just manually fill in your information by clicking “Skip for Now“.

Cake Resume Add Manual Details

As you fill out your information, Cake Resume will first ask about your educational background. 

Cake Resume Educational Background

You will then be asked questions about your job position interest, career experience, and current employment.

Cake Resume Current Employment

Next, you will be asked about your current skill set. You can type in your skills on the text box or select from the pre-written ones below the text box. 

Cake Resume Text Box

Finally, you will be asked to fill in your basic information. It is where you can put in your contact number, a summary of your career life, and the city you are based in. You can also upload your photo. 

Cake Resume Upload Your Photo

Once your information is completed, the Cake Resume will show you your “dashboard.” It is where all your information will be stored. 

Cake Resume Dashboard

From here, you can add your educational and career experiences. Just scroll down, click the “Add Education” or “Add Experience” button to open a fill-out box. 

Cake Resume Experience Fill Out Box

Once you have added and completed educational and career experiences, click on “My Resumes” on the dashboard’s left column. 

Cake Resume My Resumes

You will be asked to select from three choices:

  • Export Your Profile to a Resume.
  • Make Resume From Scratch.
  • Look at Some Examples.

Cake Resume Example

If you choose to export your profile to a resume, click the first box.

Cake Resume First Box

You will then be asked to choose between a classic resume editor or their new resume editor. 

Cake Resume Choose an Editor Version

Note: The main difference between the two editors is that you can choose to follow the 11 available templates in the new resume editor. 

Once you click your editor of choice, a resume line will appear on your dashboard. Click “Edit” to start building your resume. 

Cake Resume Click Edit Button

Clicking “Edit” will lead you to Cake Resume’s main editing page. From here, you can adjust virtually everything on your resume. 

Cake Resume Adjust Resume Information

You can also follow preset blocks and other resume elements. Just choose from the column on the leftmost side of your screen. 

Cake Resume Options

Once you have chosen a block or an element, click it and drag it onto your resume. 

Cake Resume has 10 categories of preset elements you can choose from to insert in your resume. These are: 

  • Profile.
  • List.
  • Paragraph.
  • Image.
  • Video.
  • Slide.
  • Quote.
  • Map.
  • Separator.
  • Page Break.

Once you are satisfied with how your resume looks, click on “PDF” to download your file in PDF. 

Cake Resume Download Your PDF File

You can also choose to publish your resume via a link that Cake Resume will give you if you want to share your resume digitally. Just click “Publish” to generate the link. 

Cake Resume Click Publish Button

Cake Resume Resume Builder Pricing

Cake Resume has three versions:

  • Free.
  • Advanced.
  • Pro.

Below is a table detailing the pricing model of Cake Resume. 





  • Free download.
  • Choose from basic resume snippets.
  • One (1) resume limit.



  • Features of basic plan plus
  • Choose from basic & 20+ premium resume snippets.
  • Unlimited number of resumes.
  • Remove CakeResume branding.
  • Get a Premium badge.

Monthly $10.95 per month 

Quarterly $7.95 per month 

Annually $4.95 per month


  • Features of advanced plan plus.
  • Track your resume via Google Analytics.
  • Custom domain names.
  • Premium support.

Monthly $21.95 per month 

Quarterly $15.95 per month 

Annually $9.95 per month

Cake Resume Resume Builder Pricing

Cake Resume Support

There are many ways to get support and feedback from Cake Resume’s website. 

First, you can reach them through the instant chatbot feature. 

A few seconds into the website, a chat icon will appear at the bottom right corner. 

Cake Resume Chatbox Feature

A few more seconds and a message from the CEO will appear. Click on this to expand the chatbot. 

Cake Resume Message from CEO

There is a text box provided for the chatbot to type in your query. Their replies are not instant and may take a few hours before getting an answer from their customer service representative. 

Cake Resume Customer Service Message

If you wish to know more about their CEO, click his name, and a Linkedin icon will appear. Click this to go to his Linkedin profile. 

Cake Resume Click on Linkedin Button

Meanwhile, if you wish to view some of the FAQs or other topics that might help you, click on the arrow back on the upper left corner of the chatbox

Cake Resume Upper Corner of Chat Box

You can message them based on the category of your query. There are three categories listed in the chatbox. These are: 

  • Hire & Recruitment Solution.
  • Pricing & Billing.
  • Support and Feedback.

Scroll further down, and there is a list of FAQs you can check out. Click on the “Show More Categories” button to see the full list of categories for their FAQs. The categories are: 

  • Create And Edit Resume.
  • Export To PDF Resume.
  • Publish And Share Resume.
  • Resume Privacy Settings.
  • Account Settings.
  • Resume Upgraded-Plan Settings.
  • Notification Settings.
  • Set-Up & Edit Company Page.
  • Company Account Management.
  • Job Postings Management.
  • Talent Search Engine.
  • Company’s Upgraded Plan.
  • Talents/Candidates Management.

Cake Resume Click Contact Us

You can also directly message them by scrolling to the bottom of their main page and clicking “Contact Us“. It is the sixth item under the first column. 

Cake Resume First Column

It will direct you to a page where you can fill up your contact information and your query or complaint. When you click submit, details of your question will be given to you so you can track how they are processing it. 

Cake Resume Track Progress

Cake Resume Progress Status

You can also track the query you submitted or view more FAQs through their Help Center. You can access this by hovering your mouse pointer to the “More” tab on the main page. A drop-down box will appear. Click “Help Center“.

Cake Resume Help Center

Cake Resume Menu

Cake Resume Help Center Menu

Cake Resume Privacy Policy

Cake Resume’s Privacy Policy was last updated in January 2016. It is fairly shorter compared to other resume builders’ privacy policy. 

It consists of 10 subheads, including: 

  • Your Privacy.
  • Definitions.
  • Information We Collect.
  • Computer Information Collected.
  • How We Use Your Information.
  • Opt-Out.
  • Links To Other Websites.
  • Security.
  • Privacy Policy Updates.
  • Questions About Our Privacy Practices Or This Privacy Policy.

To read Cake Resume’s full privacy policy, go to its main page and then scroll to the bottommost part and then click “Privacy Policy”. It is the eighth item under the first column, “Company“.

Cake Resume Resume Builder Privacy Policy

Among the highlights of their privacy policy include:

  • “CakeResume follows all legal requirements to protect your privacy. Our Privacy Policy is a legal statement that explains how we may collect information from you, how we may share your information, and how you can limit our sharing of your information. We utilize the Personal Data you offer in a way that is consistent with this Personal privacy Policy. If you provide Personal Data for a particular reason, we could make use of the Personal Data in connection with the reason for which it was provided. For example, registration info sent when developing your account might be used to assist suggest products to you based on past acquisitions.“
  • “Before or at the time of collecting personal information, we will identify the purposes for which information is being collected.”
  • We will collect and use personal information solely to fulfill those purposes specified by us and for other compatible purposes, unless we obtain the consent of the individual concerned or as required by law.”
  • “We will only retain personal information as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes.”
  • “We will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned.”

Cake Resume Resume Builder Reviews

Cake Resume is rated highly at 4.9 on Trustpilot.

Cake Resume Resume Builder Reviews

The positive reviews range from easy navigation to beautiful templates to an intuitive user interface. Users love the platform. 

Cake Resume Good Reviews

Cake Resume Good Reviews 1

Cake Resume Good Reviews 2

There were no negative comments on the pricing and subscription which is usually the top complaint of most users on resume builders. This means that users are willing to pay for the service that Cake Resume provides.

The Pros of Using Cake Resume 

1. It Is Highly Customizable

It is one of the few resumes that provide a template yet allows you to customize the placement, the alignment, the colors, the text, basically everything on your resume. It gives you a chance to show your personality through your resume without restrictions fully. 

With this kind of resume builder, you can be sure that your resume is 100% unique and original and will not look like any other resume on a recruiter’s pile. 

2. Your Resume Will Be Web-Friendly

Aside from publishing your resume online, Cake Resume’s resume builder allows users to insert links and videos in their resumes. Based on the premise that not all employers or recruiters only rely on a printed copy of your resume, some more modern companies ask for CVs and resumes online. 

The feature of adding links or videos to your resume will help you stand out from the competition. 

The Cons of Using Cake Resume 

1. The Free Version Has Watermarked Branding

While it gives out a free version (you can only make one resume), your resume will have a watermarked branding at the bottom part. You cannot remove this in their editor unless you subscribe to one of their packages.

While Cake Resume has a lot of unique features, there are also many free resume builders on the internet that can compete with Cake Resume. 

2. Too Many Steps

Cake Resume has a different process of resume building compared to other resume builders. The first difference is you will have to sign in first before you can start filling in your information. 

Second, the process of building your profile is different from the process of building your actual resume. 

It can be a little more time consuming because other resume builders have readily integrated this process into one seamless experience. 

3. A Bit Harder to Use

Because Cake Resume offers a “fully customizable” experience in building your resume, this means that you have to tinker with the formatting of every block you move around or edit. You have to know which space aligns up with the other and so on. 

Compared to the resumes without the fully customizable feature, this makes it a bit harder to use and more time consuming as well as you have to pick out the template for each “block” or section in the resume. 

Final Thoughts Should You Use Cake Resume to Build Your Resume?

  • Cake Resume’s Interface While the look and feel of Cake Resume is clean, easy on the eyes, and uses lighter colors, it is packed with lots of buttons, features, and tips. 
  • Best Feature Their best feature is that their editor allows for full customization of your resume. It is a rare feature and is best for those who care about showing their unique personality and style through their resume. After all, your resume is the first judge of character recruiters see. 
  • Other Extra Features Other extra features of Cake Resume include: allowing the user to upload resumes. It saves a lot of time and effort for job seekers who already have a resume but want to revamp and refresh it. Cake Resume also has a feature that shows the number of views on your resume’s online version. 
  • Cake Resume’s Biggest Downfall It is quite complicated to navigate. Because it has a lot of features, this resume builder is not for everyone. While the job seekers with intermediate to advanced knowledge in creating layouts will appreciate this, the beginners will likely shy away and find their editor too intimidating. 

Cake Resume is not the easiest resume builder out there. It has lots of steps. Since it is fully customizable at every step, it is more likely to be appreciated by the intermediate to an advanced designer than a beginner. Building a resume with Cake Resume is not a task that can be called a “piece of cake”

Despite not living up to their claim, Cake Resume has a lot to offer in template design and uniqueness. They are one of the few resume builders who have the feature where you can get snippets of each template into your resume depending on your preference. It offers a lot of features and a lot of flexibility packed into one program. 

Overall, Cake Resume is job seekers who are looking for fully customizable resume builders. Cake Resume allows the user to choose every element of his resume. It gives the job seeker more confidence in the resume that he is about to send out to the real world. 

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