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When considering career choices, sometimes, you can find that most businesses want an experience that you don’t have yet and it can put you off pursuing that line of work.

With some career choices, there are secret ways to break into the sector without having direct experience, instead, experience in another line of work can spike a company’s interest and offer you an interview.

This article considers 6 career choices you might not have considered, the experience you receive from them will help you break into a lot of different sectors and benefit you C.V. in many ways.

Businesses see too many applications with similar bar, restaurant and retail experience on them, here’s a way to stand out and show you’ve got something different to offer, or potentially give you some new ideas to pursue instead of your current dream job.

1. Freelance Writer

Breaking into the industry of journalism can be tough, but there are plenty of jobs available in the sector. Working for news companies, businesses with blogs and any other content based roles may seem tough to get into, and having a degree is a good start but sometimes isn’t enough.

Becoming a freelance writer online can help thicken your portfolio and give you natural confidence to work in the future. Speaking directly to websites to offer content and doing research will show your desire to plant a foot in the industry.

Being a freelance writer has its benefits, you control your working hours and the rates you charge (if any) or you can be a freelancer and have a paid job at the same time.

To any employer, this career choice will show your dedication to going into the field and give you a much better portfolio going into an interview.

Whilst freelancing, it’s important to be insured, having professional indemnity insurance gives you the assurance that if a client wasn’t happy with your work produced or plagiarism came into the equation, your insurance will pay-out for any legal fees and also the settlement fee if any.

If it’s going to be your full-time career also reassessing your home insurance is important. If your current insurance isn’t aware that your home is also your place of work it can change what they offer if anything was to happen.

2. Contractor

If you already have a skill or trade, a lot of people look to hire a contractor instead of big business, fees tend to be a lot lower and the interactions are friendlier.

A key benefit to being a contractor is that even if your current workload is slow you can advertise your services to local recruitment agencies and they can find work for you and they take their payment from the other side.

Plumbing, handyman, and even gardeners are popular in contracting work so a little bit of further research might show you if your trade is worth putting into the contractor sector.

3. Teacher

A lot of people go to university and pick a subject they enjoy learning about and are keen to receive a degree to prove their knowledge about it. In these scenarios, there can be cases where you might not know what you want to do with the degree after you have it.

Teaching can be the next step for a lot of people, being able to pass on your knowledge and fondness for a subject can be more than enough for people to enjoy their career. With teaching, people can sometimes assume that you must work directly with children and it might not be your ideal choice.

If teaching is something you find interesting you can consider teaching children, young adults, or even adults. After hour lessons are available for anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge in the subject and that might be an area for you to focus on.

Depending on which subject you focus on, teaching can lead you into a lot of different roles, companies are always looking for staff to have a broad up-to-date knowledge base and you might be able to go into businesses and train staff or even be taken on permanently to head a coaching program.

A Teacher Infront of a Classroom

4. Digital Marketing

A unique career choice that isn’t directly associated with marketing and advertising.

Digital marketing focuses on increasing a brand’s awareness by paying for ads online via Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Identifying keywords that people type into google and targeting it to your websites is a fast-paced challenge that always keeps interests high. You can show off multiple talents such as photo editing, creative writing, and research in marketing.

Although digital marketing can be another tough sector to break into, most firms offer internships and although they’re not paid, they’ll give you experience with the potential for a promotion if you work hard enough.

5. Personal Trainer/ Instructor

You don’t necessarily need to be in perfect physical condition to become a personal trainer. Everyone is at different levels of fitness and some clients feel more comfortable with trainers that aren’t “model-like”.

Knowledge is key to offering good advice whether you take groups out for field exercises or work in collaboration with a local gym. Instructing lessons in gyms is great for those trying to break into the sports industry.

Physiotherapists, coaches, and much more will like to see this kind of experience on applications if you’re looking to start a career in sports.

6. Recruitment

For those with a taste for sales or just haven’t quite found what they’re looking for, recruitment ticks a lot of boxes for most. With the satisfaction of sales and target, recruitment doesn’t require a lot of experience to go into, training and tactics are all provided and if you have good people skills, recruitment has a lot of avenues to explore.

Being in labor and construction recruitment, for example, gives you field roles, online, and telephones which lose the repetition of other sales roles in comparison.

You might find recruitment to be the start of a career, but even if you don’t, it adds a lot of skills to any application you fill in. business to business management, naturally sales savvy and meeting deadlines are all key in recruitment, and having it on your C.V. will only open your career paths.

You might have thought about some of these careers before but hopefully, this has added a new light to them for you, one role doesn’t dictate what you can do with a skill or knowledge.

Exploring more career choices around that role may open more avenues up or you can try one of these ideas and get some experience added to your applications.

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