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A drone, also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV, is an aviating machine that can be wirelessly widget or it may have the technological ability to fly on its own using software that is deep-rooted in its systems.

Drone technology is rapidly evolving, with annual investments in its rising. It is because drones have a large variety of applications that are significant for a spectrum of enterprises.

These days UAV technology is very developed, and as a result, there is a broad category of great drones on the market. These drones are usually used by most people just to have fun, enjoy flying and take photos or make aerial videos.

While most people only use drones for recreational purposes, there are different ways that drones may also be used to make a profit. Are you curious to find out how you could use drone technology to make money? We know that you do!

If you’re creative enough, the possibilities to make money with drones are quite many. You should remember, however, that you need to obey local drone flying regulations before you start, as there are some limitations in each country. So, be sure to test the law first before you go out and try to make some cash.

Drones are already changing the way businesses are run, and big companies like Google and Amazon are already considering delivering packages with drones. Facebook is utilizing the drones service to distribute Internet connectivity to remote locations while a start-up uses unmanned aircraft to deliver tacos to customers.

There is no gainsaying that the drone industry is booming, and you can be a part of its success story. Read on to learn how to turn your passion into a lucrative career, and earn different ways with your drone. This article will discuss how to begin your career in drone technology

How to Start Your Career in Drone Technology

1. Earn Money by Selling Aerial Pictures and Video

Selling aerial pics and videos to people is one of the most popular forms of making money with drones. Drone photography can be a profitable business and is nowadays very popular. If you want to do this work, however, you must have a drone fitted with a gimbal and a professional camera that can make high-quality videos/photos crystal clear from the air.

You can use drone technology, for example, which is fitted with a GoPro camera and takes 4 K Ultra HD images. Such drones match outdoor and indoor footage.

When it comes to doing this company, there are two growing choices. The first is to consider attractive and unique sites such as different places of exceptional natural beauty with stunning landscapes, tourist attractions, or some famous landmarks. 

You may, on the other hand, render custom aerial footage and take photographs by request. Social networking sites are a perfect way to share your images, in any case. If you can show that your images are in high demand, you will be in a great position to promote your company.

Where can you get your products sold? Find appropriate locations like beaches, amusement parks, golf courses, or city squares. Perhaps better, web ads of your pictures and videos. To get customers and respect, you can start local and show people your work for the start.

Another way to make money with video coverage is to set up a YouTube channel and share the videos your drone captures. Publish your drone videos on your YouTube channel and be a part of the website’s collaboration program to start earning money online. This way you will gain through subscribers who will be following your entire job.

But there are of course other ways to turn your drone’s camera into a benefit. For example, you can increase traffic with your photography to a certain website or online store, sell in-video advertising placement, promote your goods through advertisements, and much more. This way, there are many ways to make a profit, it just depends on how innovative you are willing to be, and how much work you want to put into perfecting your art.

2. Establish a Private Organization and Render Aerial Survey Services

Little UAVs, such as drones, can snap pictures from above and capture terrestrial places from the ground which are difficult or impossible to reach and measure. Today’s drones have excellent flight capabilities and can be operated remotely, making them ideal for aerial surveying in the most demanding areas. We have also in many cases replaced helicopters and other aircraft in surveying.

Aerial surveys can be applied in various areas, including facial recognition, archaeology, topography, digital mapping, feature recognition, and various GIS applications. In fact, a lot of professional organizations need aerial surveys globally, and this is a good opportunity to open a private company to provide aerial survey services.

So if you want to make money from surveying, you need to give your customers the highest quality photography services. To provide this service, you must be an aerial photography specialist, as well as have the requisite experience, skills, and qualifications to carry out survey work.

From there it’s all about doing the best you can to promote your company. Run some ads, get references, post online, post on your social media, something you can do to make sure your customers first think of you. Drone businesses are a highly competitive environment but you can carve out a profitable niche for yourself with proper advertisement and promotion. 

drone performing an aerial survey

3. Aerial Wedding Videography and Photography

Wedding videography and photography is a conventional business, yet very lucrative. The field is a competitive one, and one in high demands. Therefore, you must give awesome and unique photos and videos of a wedding from a beautiful angle. 

Weddings are special events everyone cherishes. Nobody wants craggy photos of their weddings. Everyone wants beautiful pictures to remind them of this beautiful day all their life. What better way to get beauty, excellent perspective, and lasting satisfaction than when you use a drone technology for your wedding videos and photographs. 

Few vital tips will help you excel at aerial photography: 

  • Fly your drone very close to the venue. Ensure your drone flies directly above your guests. The reason is to avoid injuries or harm to your guests by accident or scare them unknowingly. 
  • Identify the best angle to shoot footage or take photos when using a drone. 
  • It is best to choose an outdoor venue for your wedding, preferably a fantastic location with beautiful scenery. This location will benefit your video
  •  Avoid areas that will blur the pictures, such as places towards the sun or in dark places. 
  • Present your clients with the offer of aerial pictures, videos, and pictures from the same wedding. 

When you follow these tips, you’ll be different from the others. The point is to stand out, and maybe take some of their clients to your side. What you should do is buy a high-resolution camera and an advanced mini drone to support it. 

Practice every single day until you attain perfection. As a beginner in this job, start first as a supporting or secondary photographer. Then cover some weddings at a beginner’s discount. Subsequently, you can progress your business and ensure to get referrals from satisfied customers. 

4. Selling Drones Online

Another great business idea that can fetch you money is reselling your drones. What do we mean by this? It implies putting your goods up for sale at a site or store after purchase. Acceptable strategies that work for other products are also applicable to reselling drones.

Get one of the popular recent drone models at a reasonable price, and resell at a higher price to clients. You can easily do this in an online store or via online marketplaces. If you have a personal drone store, it works fine too. 

All you need is a vendor that sells drones at affordable prices for you to purchase. Then, go through the list of drones available in typical online stores like eBay and Amazon. 

At first sight, it seems so easy. However, there will be lots of fees and costs upfront when you try to open and keep a store. The same goes for online stores. However, the fees are a bit different in this case. 

Always bear this in mind when thoughts of opening a shop come to your mind that drones are in many ways. The key is discovering which method suits you or works best. But, with thorough competitive research conducted, and you decide what you want to offer, you’ll see that the drone market is lucrative. 

If you have a store for computers, gadgets, electric devices, and other related components, it won’t be wrong to add drones to your services. You stand to gain from this decision because you have experience in this line of business. 

Likewise, you can choose to set up a store just for drones and specialize in that. Here, you can sell this Universal Audio (UAD) devices and necessary equipment for them. 

One last tip  we don’t recommend you run a rental business for drones. These aerial devices are susceptible to damage, most notably when amateurs use it. You are likely to encounter problems with clients if your drones break. 

drone photography kit

5. Inspection Jobs

Over the years, Major utility companies use airplanes and helicopters to inspect their remote substations, electric lines, pumping stations, and other facilities. Access to these places posed a difficult challenge to pilots as it was hazardous and expensive. Drones have stepped in to save the day. 

In recent times, they come to play in inspections of risky and dangerous places. They are small and without supervision; thus, they have taken other aircraft in the inspection. These aerial devices are equipped with video transmitters and powerful cameras, making them a good fit for the job. 

Drones can easily access gas or water outlets and get standard video footage from there. This improvement has benefitted utility companies in various ways, including damage assessment and routine checkups. 

Aside from utility companies, other companies and industries also need operators for these drones. Some of these companies are insurance and construction companies that use drones daily. 

As a drone operator, you can use your drone to generate income through inspection jobs for various companies worldwide, another smart way to use your drones. For example, a standard drone with a 4K camera can be used by resurfacing and asphalt repair companies to inspect their prospects’ properties. 

Small drones help inspect cell towers, bridges, oil and gas pipelines, power lines, roofs, and others. With drones, you can earn good money from these jobs. 

Inform these companies of what you will offer using proper networking and advertising tools. You can get a directory of business around your area and introduce those who might be interested in your services. This move will help your business a lot. 

If you want such jobs done, you need one or more standard drones that perform higher. They are more stable than simple quadcopters. So, invest in expensive drones, together with the extra equipment. In the end, you’ll reap the benefits. It has a short period of payback if you handle your business well. 

Also, get proper training in aerial recording and RC flying. Although the business needs a professional drone to handle the job, it is very lucrative to carry out the job effectively. 


Drones are everywhere and there are lots of career opportunities available in drone technology. Whether flying through the skies, stalking you from a user-friendly distance, or doing aerial acrobatics, you can’t get away from them. The rapid evolvement in technology and customer demands is steadily on the increase. 

Thus, the outlook is that drones will take over the air and airwaves in no distant time.

Are you interested in joining the drone revolution? It is your chance to do that. There are many available options and you can get a drone’s pilot license quickly. Lastly, ensure you have excellent drone skills before setting out for this business.

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