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Are you into fitness in a big way, and does it take up a lot of your life?If so, have you ever considered taking things a little further and making a career out of your passion?

There are many opportunities out there to get involved with helping others get – and stay – fit.

And in today’s guide, we’re going to run through some impressive fitness careers. Let’s get started right away – and who knows?

Perhaps this post will inspire you to make some inquiries and start a new career in the world of fitness!

1. Teaching

A love of fitness can help you become a teacher. We all have memories of our Physical Education teacher from school – although, admittedly, some might be better than others! But the opportunity is there to make a deep, positive impression on young people’s lives.

Childhood obesity levels are approaching epidemic proportions, unfortunately. And schools are under a lot of pressure to stem the tide of an impending health crisis. And as a PE teacher, you will be doing more than anyone else in your school to help kids get enough exercise.

2. Personal trainer

If you are good with people and love to motivate others to get fit, why not consider becoming a PT instructor?

You will need to take some personal trainer courses first, to ensure you understand what you are doing. But, other than that – and a little investment here and there – there are few issues to starting a personal trainer business. And, even if you enjoy a modest amount of success, it is both a rewarding and well-paying career.

3. Physical Therapy Assistant

If you don’t quite have that zip and personality you need to become a PT, why not work as a physical therapy assistant?

Sure, you will still need to be a people person, but the role is more relaxed and calming. You will work alongside physical therapists and help them diagnose and treat injuries. Pay is good, and you could end up working for private therapists, hospitals or the NHS.

4. Nutritionist

Personal trainers and fitness tend to get all the glamorous headlines. But, it is nutritionists that are the most important factor in fitness.

Eating the right food can have a dramatic impact on weight loss, even without exercise. You will provide clients with advice and guidelines on nutrition, and work out plans for a healthier future.

Let’s not beat around the bush – in many cases, you will be adding a significant number of years to people’s life expectancy. Again, you will need the training to become a respectable nutritionist. But, if you scratch beneath the surface and you might be surprised at how easy it is.

5. Fitness Manager

Finally, a career in fitness also gives you the opportunity to move into management. Or, move from administration in another industry into looking after a fitness centre.

You will be responsible for the success of your establishment, bot in sales volume and reputation. If you think you have what it takes to be a fitness centre manager, the earning potential can be limitless.

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