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Working in sports is probably something we’ve all thought about fleetingly while watching a game. We think we can do better than the referee, and we know that the ball was out, so why is it still in play?

But have you ever really thought about it as an actual career choice?

It is not as difficult to achieve as you think it is. But there are things you would need to factor in. One is that you won’t be scoring the winning goal in a game!

There are ways to be involved in the sporting industry if you are really serious about it. So what do you need?

1. Degree

Having a degree is the basis for most sporting careers. There are some places a degree is not required, but these are few and far between or being the actual sportsman or sportswoman. Having a degree is the right base to get your foot in through the door. If you are thinking about having a career as a physiotherapist, for example, then a degree will be the starting point.

You will need that to access the diplomas and essential courses to obtain qualifications in physiotherapy or sports therapy. What degree is the best choice?

Based on the fact that working in a sporting environment is primarily with athletes, a biology or sports science degree is the best starting point. Look at where you can study these degrees too, while most colleges offer biology or science. Based on what you want to study, Golf colleges help develop sport management studies or medical courses.

2. Experience in Your Chosen Field

If you want to be a sports coach, you need to shadow a coach to get the right experience. You might be a fountain of knowledge on who won what, but in order to work in a sporting arena, you need vast amounts of technical knowledge. The vast majority of careers in sports are in marketing and business.

So if you want to be involved in that area, get some knowledge of how sports create revenue. Knowing what you want to do early on will give you a great advantage in gaining relevant experience.

If you want to be a manager, do you need to brush up on your communication skills? We should always be learning, whether by reading about the subject or getting real experience in that field.

3. Sheer Competitive Streak

A career in the sporting industry is as competitive as the sports themselves! If you watch TV and think about doing that as a career, the chances are that nearly everyone you know has too. Now think about all the people over the country, the amount of those that are willing to fight tooth and nail to get into their dream job.

You can do it too, but you will get knockbacks and rejections left, right and center. Don’t get disheartened by this, this job market is a hard one to break into. Determination will pay off, so keep at it. It was the same determination that got your favorite player where they are today!


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