Considering a Career Shift? Here Are Some Fields to Consider

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A career shift can be the right solution to pursue a better future, especially if you feel like you’ve been stuck in a position for too long. Wanting to enter a field you truly enjoy is another great reason why a career shift can really help.

There are several ways you can move to a completely new career, but getting a new degree – a master’s degree in particular – is a fantastic way to start in most cases. Coupled with the fact that you can now pursue a master’s degree online, you now have the perfect way to start your move.

Here are the fields and majors to consider if you’re considering a move to another career.

1. Business Administration

A Master’s Degree in Business Administration is perhaps the most flexible master’s degree to pursue. There are several majors you can choose to focus on as you pursue an MBA, but the degree itself can be used to pursue a managerial position in various industries.

An MBA is also a great degree to have if you’re thinking about moving overseas. U.S. companies are expanding rapidly to new markets in Asia and Europe, opening up more opportunities and creating plenty of positions to fill.

An MBA degree holder can easily apply for a managerial position in the Middle East or South East Asia, creating the perfect foundation for a brighter future.

Let’s not forget that MBA degree holders are known to receive higher average salary than those with only a bachelor’s degree in management. Not only will you be able to get promoted to a higher position, you can earn more as well.

2. Criminal Justice

A Masters Criminal Justice degree is one of many degrees you can now pursue online. It is also a particularly lucrative field to enter, with opportunities in law enforcement, government agencies and the legal system all waiting for you when you graduate.

Online masters in criminal justice programs are also being hosted by some of the best universities in the country.

A Master’s Degree is perfect for anyone looking to move to any of the aforementioned fields. The same degree can also help you start a career in counseling and in correctional facilities.

Similar to an MBA, the master’s degree will help you land a better position as you make the shift to the field of your choice.

3. Statistics and Data Analysis

One last lucrative field to enter is statistics. Thanks to big data and corporations using it to understand different things about the market, there is a substantial increase in demand for statistics and data analysis experts. There are plenty of universities with master’s courses in statistics, too.

A strong love for math is definitely a huge plus. If you love working with numbers and translating data into facts that are easy to understand, then this is the field for you. It is also worth noting that the field has among the highest-paying jobs on the market today.

Any one of these careers could be the push you need to create a better life for you and your family.

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