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Desk jobs simply aren’t for everyone. If you prefer the rumble of an engine and the rolling of some wheels, then why not work closer with cars? Whether you’re on the road, the parking lot or in the garage, there are a lot of options for you. Here, we’ll look at some options for car lovers of all kinds.

1. The New Age of Taxi Apps

If we had been looking at this subject a year or two back, we might have thought about recommending becoming a taxi driver. As it is, however, there’s a lot of evidence showing that taxi apps like Uber might actually be better for both the driver and the customer. While a lot of places in the world operate with lots of restrictions on taxi drivers, the app revolution makes it much easier to find clients.

2. Trucking

Becoming a trucker is not an easy career path by any stretch of the imagination. As much as you love driving, it can test your endurance to some serious degrees. However, if you’re willing to learn the new vehicle and do the long haul, it can be a very secure career to get into. Lots of businesses still use trucks to transport their goods and there is currently a shortage of truck drivers. If you could see yourself in a truck driving job, there could be plenty of space for you.

3. Car Reviewer

If your love of driving is more of a love of cars themselves, then there could be a space for you to start an online business. There are blogs and publications that people use to get an insight into vehicles of all kinds. If you know your cars well and you can articulate your points, then becoming a car reviewer might be the career for you.

4. Mechanic

You don’t necessarily have to spend all time driving if you love cars, either. Instead, you could play a much more integral part of car ownership. We are talking, of course, about becoming a mechanic or even starting your own garage.

Becoming a mechanic isn’t as simple as applying, of course. You are most likely going to need to embark on a journey of plenty of training. Once you’re qualified, however, there’s no shortage of work for a service that almost all adults in the country need to use.

5. Valet Attendant

If you like cars but you don’t quite have the space for a full-time job, then there are options in the short-term that can work for you, too. Valets don’t just drive, of course. They’re particularly good for those who have standards of personal interaction and customer service above the norm, as well. If you get a valet position in the right place, you might even spend a little time behind the wheels of some cars you’ve always wanted to drive.

A love of driving and cars can be more than a hobby. It can be the first step in the right direction of your new career. We hope this car lovers career topic has helped you reconsider just what might be your dream job environment.

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