Careers in Real Estate : What You Need to Know

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Ever dreamt of making money from property? If you can’t afford to become a property developer, you could go into a career in real estate. The real estate job market is very competitive indeed. But if you follow these steps, you should have no problem making it to the top!

1. Get Educated

This is one thing there is no way of getting around. You need to get the right education. If you don’t get the education you require, employers won’t even bother looking at your application. Each state has its very own requirements, but most require you to take a course in real estate. Once you graduate, you can then move on to get your license. This will allow you to trade as a realtor.

2. Get Your License

Before you can start trading as a realtor, you need a license. In order to get the license, you will have to sit a few national exams. These can be quite expensive as you will have to pay for them yourself. Each US state charges slightly different prices, but you should expect to pay around $200 for the licensure and exams.

3. Choose Your Brokerage

Once you are a fully qualified realtor, you will need to find a brokerage. These are offices or agencies which hire real estate professionals. Nine times out of ten, you will be working on commission. So that means, the more properties you sell, the higher your wage packet will be at the end of the month. You can use a real estate commission calculator to estimate how much you will earn at each brokerage. This will help you figure out which one it will be most advantageous to work for.

4. Chat with Current Real Estate Professionals

This is super important. Chatting with real estate professionals who have been in the business for some time can help you setup your own daily routine. They can also give you an idea of how much work you should be taking on. They will also be able to advise you on budgets and how to handle client relationships. If possible, try and see if there is a local realtor who will let you shadow them for a couple of weeks.

5. Start Building Your Contacts List Now

One of the keys to success in the real estate industry is networking. You will need a lot of contacts if you are ever going to make it in this business! So start now by building up your contacts list. Go to as many networking events as possible. You can also widen your audience by using social media. When you get someone’s name and address, don’t forget to also ask for their phone number and email. The more contact details you can get, the better!











One final thing you need to do is join the National Association of Realtors. Once you are on the official list, you will find it much easier to get clients. Good luck in your new career in real estate and property!

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