Which Jobs Robots will Take in the Near Future?

With today’s development of artificial intelligence, humankind faces the very high likelihood of considerable changes to our lifestyle. In particular, changes to the employment market, as many professions will decrease in necessity. Some may become extinct entirely. Check out our list of jobs which will disappear partially or may be entirely replaced by the robots. … Continue reading “Which Jobs Robots will Take in the Near Future?”

8 Tips for Succeeding in Your Post-Military Job Search

Your career may have begun in the military, but that’s not where it will end. Now, you’re on the hunt for a civilian job that provides you with new challenges and a different sense of fulfillment. Even though you’re ready for the next chapter, it might be a foreign experience to search for a role … Continue reading “8 Tips for Succeeding in Your Post-Military Job Search”

How to Become a Journalist Without Professional Education?

Many individuals are eager to pursue a career in journalism. They adore the platform and long for an opportunity to share their opinions, determine the news and be the first to read it. These are the things that make securing a job as a journalist exciting. But there are fierce competitions you need to prepare … Continue reading “How to Become a Journalist Without Professional Education?”

How to Become An Ethical Hacker?

If uncovering bugs and exposing system weaknesses sound appealing to you, a career as an ethical hacker maybe your calling. While the term “hacker” conjures up an image of a shady tech-savvy criminal conducting business underground, not all hackers work illegally. Many hackers are commissioned by government organizations and businesses to find weaknesses in their … Continue reading “How to Become An Ethical Hacker?”

5 Reasons to Pursue a Massage Therapy Career Now

Most people love a good massage. Have you ever had one and just felt so relaxed, so comfortable, so happy afterward? Chances are, you have, and perhaps that intrigued you to consider a career as a massage therapist. Or, maybe, it is something you have always wanted to pursue. Whatever the reasons and no matter … Continue reading “5 Reasons to Pursue a Massage Therapy Career Now”

The Truth About Careers in Social Work

In social work circles, there is a popular joke: A mugger accosts a social worker with a gun, shouting, “Your money or your life!” The social worker shrugs carelessly, “I’m sorry, I’m a social worker. I have no money and no life.” Social work is a hard career, and jokes like these – dark and dry … Continue reading “The Truth About Careers in Social Work”

5 Best Career Choices for Empaths

If you’re a naturally very empathetic person, then choosing the right career path is especially important. Empaths naturally seek jobs that are fulfilling and allow them to reach and help their fellow men and women. Empaths also tend to be affected more deeply by stressful environments that don’t speak to their strengths. Fortunately, there are … Continue reading “5 Best Career Choices for Empaths”

9 Tips to Make a Career in Human Rights

A job that pays well is not necessarily the meaningful one. And if you want to leave behind a world better than the one you found instead of a pile of KPI reports, you may think about working in human rights. Have only a vague idea of what it means? It is all about promotion … Continue reading “9 Tips to Make a Career in Human Rights”