Values Driven Goals Design

Many of us have engaged typical goal design; we think about a desire or state of being in the future, and then create goals to get ourselves to that place. But, how many people have designed a goal in this typical way, completed the goal and then realized that it felt empty, meaningless and was … Continue reading “Values Driven Goals Design”

Top Tips for Acing That Big Presentation

Presentations are a part of modern working life, whether it’s giving information to your colleagues or making a sales pitch, they can be a daunting experience.   But fear not, Viking have put together an infographic with some Top Tips for Acing that Big Presentation! The tips include: Preparation, Delivery, Debrief & Worldwide Cultural differences. … Continue reading “Top Tips for Acing That Big Presentation”

High Paying Careers for Women Right Now

For women looking to make the big bucks when they get out of college, landing a job in STEM, healthcare, or law may be the way to go.   Some women already have their career path mapped out and their dream job doesn’t entail math or science, but for those still trying to figure out … Continue reading “High Paying Careers for Women Right Now”

Why You Should Constantly Develop Your Skills If You Work For The IT Industry

Information Technology (or IT as it’s widely known to date) may seem like an outdated hybrid industry, since most people actually talk about “information” and “technology” as sole elements in colloquialism; however, there’s still plenty growth for this industry to surprise ourselves and for this behalf it should not be weird the upcoming trend among … Continue reading “Why You Should Constantly Develop Your Skills If You Work For The IT Industry”

Don’t Make Your Promotion The End of Your Career

You’ve just been promoted. You’re on a roll.  You believe the momentum that got you here will carry you to more higher level positions and greater career success. WRONG! Your current success recognizes only two things. First, your achievements in the past roles you have held, and second, that you might have the potential to … Continue reading “Don’t Make Your Promotion The End of Your Career”

Impress The Boss By Empathising With Them

The best way to be better employee is to empathise with the boss and imagine life in their shoes. Running a business is tough. It is saturated with hard tasks, whether it is marketing, customer service, pleasing shareholders, increasing revenue and making those tough decisions. But despite all of this, one of the toughest tasks, … Continue reading “Impress The Boss By Empathising With Them”

How to Stand Up to the Boss (And Not Get Fired)

As things go, one of the more difficult things to do is to confront or push back on the boss.  A lot of people won’t do it because they fear it would cause them to get fired or minimally get on the bad side of the Boss.  While it’s an understandable concern, its also unfounded.  … Continue reading “How to Stand Up to the Boss (And Not Get Fired)”

Is it Time for A Change?

Just about everyone gets to a point in their life where they feel like it’s time for a career change. After all, how many of us can honestly say we’d be happy doing the same thing every day for the rest of our lives? There a tons of reasons why you might want to change … Continue reading “Is it Time for A Change?”

How to Better Prepare for a Career Change

Whether it is because you’re stuck in the same position for too long or you simply want to pursue a career in a field you love, a career change can be a difficult yet necessary move to make. There are a lot of advantages you can gain from finally making that jump. You may end … Continue reading “How to Better Prepare for a Career Change”

3 Keys To Getting That Ideal Job

Anyone who has ever gone through the process of trying to land the ideal job will know how stressful and drawn out it really can be. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how many interviews you have done in the past, in a way they never really get any easier. However, this is not to … Continue reading “3 Keys To Getting That Ideal Job”