How to Know It’s Time to Quit?

Source: Pixabay At some point, many of us have likely daydreamed about quitting and walking out on the job: throwing our hands in the air and making a final exit in front of everyone. F or most of us with families, debt, and bills to pay, though, making a rash decision like that comes at … Continue reading “How to Know It’s Time to Quit?”

What Should Happen When You Want to Move On?

The first thing you do is STOP and PAUSE! And take a look at the reasons behind why you want a move. What’s driving the need you have to move on? A boss that’s making everyday a crummy day for you? A bad recent experience on a project that’s left you questioning your future in … Continue reading “What Should Happen When You Want to Move On?”

How to Deal With a Boss You Hate?

Do you have a problem with your boss? Well, you’re not alone in this! In fact, according to research in 2015, 50% of employees resigned from their jobs merely because they didn’t like their boss. That doesn’t mean you should also do the same, though! It’s true that when you work for someone you dislike, … Continue reading “How to Deal With a Boss You Hate?”

5 Secrets to Handling a Boss’ Unrealistic Expectations

It’s inevitable. At some point in your career, you’re probably going to have to deal with a workaholic boss. And those bosses usually want their employees to have the same dedication and commitment to the job as they do. So how do you deal with a boss who expects you to work around the clock? Check … Continue reading “5 Secrets to Handling a Boss’ Unrealistic Expectations”

5 Skills That Will Help You Get Ahead of the Competition

The business world is extremely demanding these days. Employers today are looking for more than just technical skills, having shifted a considerable amount of focus onto soft skills. To succeed, employers need team players, strong communicators, problem solvers, and leaders all rolled into one. In this competitive environment, cultivating the right set of skills determines … Continue reading “5 Skills That Will Help You Get Ahead of the Competition”

5 Ways to Find A Professional Mentor

When I think about my career path, great mentors were instrumental in helping me succeed.  Mentors not only helped me when I was stuck in a career rut, but also provided inspiration and insight on my path of entrepreneurship. Are you looking to build your business or get a leg up on your career? Want … Continue reading “5 Ways to Find A Professional Mentor”

What Kind Of Co-Worker Are You?

Every human being is blessed with diverse traits. These qualities make them stand out in the crowd. Some are jovial, some are grumpy, but everyone has their own quirks that make them special. Now speaking of different characteristics, an office is an ideal place where many diverse characters come together and work. So if you’d … Continue reading “What Kind Of Co-Worker Are You?”

8 Signs its Time to find a New Job

Sometimes it’s crystal clear you need to get on the job sites, phone a few job agencies and leave your current role behind. Other times, you may convince yourself you’re just fine where you are but there are a few niggling worries in the back of your mind. It can be a daunting decision to … Continue reading “8 Signs its Time to find a New Job”